Making something with your hands is always a satisfying feeling. That is why many people are so in love with DIY projects. The self satisfaction of successfully completing the DIY projects is really all that matters. But Psychology Today’s suggestion is that building things yourself makes you value them higher.

Another reason why many people love DIY is that they believe that doing DIY project will end up saving a tremendous amount of money, time, and also stress in the long run. Some says that they can learn other things in the process of taking on any task like DIY projects that the knowledge will be useful in future projects. And the biggest reason why people like to do it is that when things go seriously wrong, we’ll be less panic than before because we used to know the proccess because of those DIY projects. Now, since you know that there are so many good reason why people do DIY project, check out these 60 simple DIY decoration projects that is on a budget to inspire you doing your first project. Enjoy!

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