DIY Decorating

60 Simple on Budget DIY Decoration Projects

Making something with your hands is always a satisfying feeling. That is why many people are so in love with DIY projects. The self-satisfaction of successfully completing the DIY projects is really all that matters. But Psychology Today’s suggestion is that building thing yourself makes you value them higher.

Another reason why many people love DIY is that they believe that doing DIY project will end up saving a tremendous amount of money, time, and also stress in the long run. Some says that they can learn other things in the process of taking on any task like DIY projects that the knowledge will be useful in future projects. And the biggest reason why people like to do it is that when things go seriously wrong, we’ll be less panic than before because we used to know the process because of those DIY projects. Now, since you know that there are so many good reason why people do DIY project, check out these 60 simple DIY decoration projects that is on a budget to inspire you doing your first project. Enjoy!

Room divider wooden shelf from naibann

Invisible Bookshelf from didyouknowfacts

Wooden bookshelf on the wall from findglocal

Wooden staircase bookcase

Dark brown shelf

Wooden open shelves from designferia

White wall decoration from trendehouse

DIY hanging shelves from trenduhome

DIY Pallet Projects from decorholic

Geometric wooden shelves

Wooden corner shelf

Modren book shelf from cheaplivingroomfurniture

Wooden bookcase

Metal open shelf from gradussendesign

Corner wall shelves fromvrogue

Shelf hanging with rope

Wooden hanging open shelves

Triangular wall shelves from cuded

Tree bookshelves from freshouz

Wooden shelf design

Mount floating shelf from decoratorist

Corner wooden pallet from jihanshanum

Wooden built-in storage from hevaro

Rustic wood shelves

Around the corner shelf from designerdreamhomes

Floating desk from ladydarwin

DIY key holder from youandkids

Living room corner shelf from trenduhome

Modern vertical walnut bookcase from decorpad

Wooden table stand storage pocket from gabenjenny

Corner wooden shelf from divaofdiy

Floating wall shelf from dag

Around the corner shelf from myhomemyzone

Wood furniture design

Shelves wrap around corner

Recycled pallet wall shelves from stimmung

Modern wall niche decor

Wood round wall shelf from ashleywinndesign

Vinyl wall art decal

Birch wood wall art from zenideen

Bookshelves home library from recreoviral

Iron shelf brackets

Criss cross shelves wooden

Floating corner shelf from morningchores

Wooden cabinet storage from bricolajefacil

DIY triangle wood shelf from giuongngudep

Hexagon shelf

Metal and wood floating shelves from decoratorist

Modern wall shelf design from dhoumm

Wooden and metal shelf from homezideas

Floating box shelf ideas from joecatherine

Storage ladder black from dle-destek

Wrap around shelves from homestratosphere

Simple wall bookshelf design

Wood shoe rack from reciclaredecorar

Modern living room shelves from neverendingfood

DIY wooden geometric shelf from clicktoindia

Wooden and metal storage from decor.korfezsozluk

Wooden honeycomb shelf from decoratorist

Wooden and metal storage from homezideas

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