Laundry room is one of the room’s space that you need to consider. The laundry room needs to always look attractive, well organized, and up to date, so you feel enjoy during your laundry chore time. To organize your laundry room, think of convenience first; set it up near where dirty laundry would collect, or near the bedrooms where clean laundry gets sent. Also keep in mind that accidental flooding may sometimes happen, so waterproof the flooring below the laundry machine (especially if your laundry room is located on a second floor).

Another thing to consider is about the noise from the machine vibrations. So if it’s possible, fit your room with vibration pads that can dampen the noise of the machine. Just remember that with a little creativity and some planning, a useful, efficient laundry room can be yours. Now check out these 51 beautiful and functional laundry room design ideas to try below.

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