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49 Cool Tiny House Design Ideas To Inspire You

Even if you have a tiny home, does not mean that you can’t flaunt your style. There are tons of way that you can do to make your tiny space a dream house that you are dreaming of. To make it happen, all you need is just ingenuity of design and a good eye for what works and what doesn’t. Just believe in yourself that a small space does not have to be a big challenge.

A small room can really open up with the right lighting, so let the natural light shine in through the windows and use additional lighting throughout your space to bring in some additional warmth. Look for multi-purpose and/or folding furniture to save your space and also, money. Make use of mirrors to make your tiny space looks bigger and be creative with storage. Don’t neglect your walls, take advantage of vertical space and utilize nooks and corners. Now, check out these 49 cool tiny house design ideas to inspire you below. Enjoy

White Tiny House Colour from treehugger

Small Bedroom Ideas from treehugger

Floating Wooden Storage from treehugger

Bright Cabinet Kitchen from treehugger

Small Kitchen with Wood Material from diynetwork

DIY Bench Storage from diynetwork

Folding Furniture Ideas from diynetwork

Hanging Pillow at The Corner from diynetwork

Natural Tiny House Ideas from onechitecture

Tiny Kitchen Farmhouse from onechitecture

Staircase storage from onechitecture

Laundry Room Under the Stairs from onechitecture

Neutral Color Kitchen from onechitecture

Workspace Face to Window from onechitecture

Corner Fireplace from onechitecture

Small House Level from onechitecture

Monochromatic Tiny House from onechitecture

Side by Side Bathroom and Bedroom from onechitecture

Tiny Pallet House from tinyheirloom

Double Bed from tinyheirloom

Workspace That Merges with Livingroom from tinyheirloom

Glossy Kitchen Ideas from tinyheirloom

Built-in Lights on the Stairs from tinyheirloom

Modern Tiny Bathroom from tinyheirloom

Glossy Stair Storage from pimphomee

Straight Kitchen Design from pimphomee

Wood Material and White Dominates from pimphomee

Bright Tiny House from pimphomee

Two Wooden Stairs from pimphomee

Bunk Bed Design from pimphomee

Pallet Floor Ideas from pimphomee

Hanging Wooden Cabinet from pimphomee

Modern Tiny House Ideas from pimphomee

Dining Room Kitchen Combo from pimphomee

Two Tone Color Home Decor from pimphomee

Navy Kitchen Cabinet from decoredo

DIY Floating Rack from crismatec

DIY Wooden Swing from moomhomee

Divider Room Storage from moomhomee

Extra Storage Under Sink from moomhomee

Modern Tiny House Decor from moomhomee

Instead of Walls with Windows from moomhomee

Planter Indoor Ideas from moomhomee

Stone Floating Table from moomhomee

Pop-up Color Pillows from moomhomee

Container Storage Under Bed from moomhomee

Living Room That Merges with Kitchen from moomhomee

Open Space Tiny House from moomhomee

Shades of Gray Tiny House from moomhomee

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