We all want our master bedroom have enough space for a chaise lounge, fireplace, and some storage, but not everyone has the luxury of space. But worry not, even you have small space, you still can create a nice master bedroom that is functional as well. For example, to achieve the ultimate moody and cozy space, ensure that your lighting is layered and soft. If you have many items, maximize your wall space by adding built-in bookcase with both open and closed shelving.

Contrary to popular belief, a four-poster or canopy bed looks great in a small space because it draws the eye up, pulling attention away from the width and length of the space.Even if you don’t have large space for accent furniture, a simple chair or luggage rack can add loads of function to your space. It provides a surface on which to put down your bag when you get home at night. Now check out these 44 small master bedroom decor ideas to inspire you below.

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