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100 Incredible European Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas

Farmhouse style is warm, cozy, relaxing and full with charm and character and many people said that this style is surprisingly savvy. In order to keep a farmhouse from looking too ‘country kitsch’, there needs to be a balance of old and new. So it means that the space with farmhouse style should be clean, stylish and warmhearted. The most important one, it needs to be in tune with nature but there is no need to fill your space with a dries flowers or even a rooster paraphernalia.

Farmhouse style originally was decorated with whatever was handy and practical and nothing should be too delicate or precious. The items should be hardy while still maintaining some sophistication and style and this style should consist of hand-me-downs and flea market finds combined with newer pieces. But the most important thing to remember when decorating in farmhouse style is do not rush to buy just for the sake of buying, but instead peruse, meander and collect. Now if you need some inspiration to decorate your living room with farmhouse style, check out these 100 incredible European farmhouse living room design ideas below.

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