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100 Incredible European Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas

Farmhouse style is warm, cozy, relaxing and full with charm and character and many people said that this style is surprisingly savvy. In order to keep a farmhouse from looking too ‘country kitsch’, there needs to be a balance of old and new. So it means that the space with farmhouse style should be clean, stylish and warmhearted. The most important one, it needs to be in tune with nature but there is no need to fill your space with a dries flowers or even a rooster paraphernalia.

Farmhouse style originally was decorated with whatever was handy and practical and nothing should be too delicate or precious. The items should be hardy while still maintaining some sophistication and style and this style should consist of hand-me-downs and flea market finds combined with newer pieces. But the most important thing to remember when decorating in farmhouse style is do not rush to buy just for the sake of buying, but instead peruse, meander and collect. Now if you need some inspiration to decorate your living room with farmhouse style, check out these 100 incredible European farmhouse living room design ideas below.

White European Farmhouse Living Room from blessedecor

Shabby Chic European Farmhouse Living Room

Vintage Gray Cabinet from naver

Corner Stone Fireplace from perchplans

Wooden Roof with Farmhouse Style from furnitureanddecorny

Recycle Window for Wall Decoration from inboundmarketingsummit

Wooden Floor from decorinspira

Modern European Farmhouse Living Room from decoredo

Wooden Pallet TV Stand from shadesofblueinteriors

White Furniture Version from maisondecinq

Go Vertical Vintage Cabinet from hgtv

Classic Farmhouse Style from romantichomes

Red Brick Fireplace from realhomes

Farmhouse High Curtain from theeverygirl

Classic Furniture for European Farmhouse Living Room from searchomee

Wooden with Stone European Farmhouse Style from architecturaldesigns

Farmhouse Gray Sofa from decoor

Classic Leather Sofa and Tufted Table

Wooden Shiplap Walls from lovahomy

Fluffy European Farmhouse Living Room from goodnewsarchitecture

White Shiplap Walls from checopie

Elegant European Farmhouse Living Room from yoogbe

Living Room with Kitchen Combo from apikhome

Rattan Chair for European Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

White Nuance with Wooden Material from trendedecor

Farmhouse Floating Rack from homystyle

Reclaimed Wood Ceiling Beams from hgtv

Evergreen Wreath from onechitecture

Wooden Coffee Table from decorholic

Cement Fireplace with Wooden Table Ideas

Vintage Wooden Wall Decoration from adelaparvu

European Living Room with Wall Book Shelf from onekindesign

Vintage Gray Coffee Table from homedit

Farmhouse Gallery Wall Ideas

Minimalist European Living Room from theglitterguide

Traditional European Living Room from vivamilenia

DIY Gallery Wall with Farmhouse Chic from decoist

Wooden Beams Ceiling from onekindesign

Pop Color Blanket from onekindesign

Small European Living Room Near the Window from onekindesign

DIY Frame Wall Decoration Version from lovahomy

Patterned Pillows for Modern European Living Room from hoommy

Wall Mounted Storage Shelf from people

Monochromatic European Living Room from googodecor

Wooden Ladder for Photos Scale from decorazione

Wooden Cabinet for Tv Stand from seekinglavenderlane

Rattan Carpet from vneconomy

Outdoor Rattan Furniture from modernnfireplace

High White Stone Fireplace from utrim

Modern Country Living Room with Faux Fur Carpet from onechitecture

Tobacco Basket for Rustic Wreath from yoogbe

Dark Grey Furniture from gatheredky

Wooden Walls and Floor Ideas

Triangle Wooden Wall from sweetyhomee

Neutral Look European Living Room from goodnewsarchitecture

Antique European Farmhouse Living Room from sonaeuk

Vintage Lantern Beside the Sofa

Chunky Blanket and Old Wooden Table from onedropphotography

Natural Wood Sculpture Table

Woven Carpets and Round Tables from mobly

Extra Large European Farmhouse Living Room from 33decor

Wheel Wood Coffee Table from apikhome

White Stone Fireplace Ideas

Instead of Walls with Glass Windows from gulmoharlane

Small Floating Wooden Rack from seekinglavenderlane

Combination of Wooden with Iron Table from imtopic

Wooden Rack on the Wall from decorholic

Standing Black Pipe Rack from timberandbeam

Classic Gold Pendant Light from onekindesign

Wooden Shiplap Fireplace from searchomee

Rattan Wicker Side Table from inboundmarketingsummit

Wooden Bookshelf for European Farmhouse Living Room from coodecor

Wooden Headboard Behind Sofa from wp

Pallet Walls Living Room from crismatec

White and Beige European Farmhouse Living Room from hellolovelystudio

Colorful European Farmhouse Living Room from incollect

Pallet Box Side Table from vanchitecture

Farmhouse Rug Décor from 33decor

Old Furniture for European Farmhouse Style from searchomee

Wooden Ceiling for European Farmhouse Style from coodecor

Silver Pendant Light from onekindesign

Farmhouse Touches for Living Room Design from decoredo

Farmhouse Wooden Clock from googodecor

Bohemian Style for Farmhouse Living Room from onnehome

All White European Farmhouse Living Room from trendehouse

Bold Color Living Room from trendecors

Black and White European Farmhouse Living Room from homebunch

Rattan Wicker Tray from pistoncars

Classy European Farmhouse Living Room from thenateshow

Classic Rug Decor from liveindcr

Corner House Plant from countryliving

White Frame Window from hellolovelystudio

Vintage Blue Door from hellolovelystudio

White Brick Walls from hellolovelystudio

Shabby Chic European Living Room from hellolovelystudio

Texas Living Room with Vintage Style from hellolovelystudio

Modern Classic Living Room from thenateshow

Aesthetic European Living Room from thenateshow

Farmhouse Furniture from thenateshow

Wooden with Stone Material from thenateshow

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