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8 DIY Useful Stuffs from Unused Items

The unused items can be changed into useful things and help you for everyday purposes. Let’s see! The key is a creativity and patience. Here are 8 DIY ways to change unused items become useful stuffs.

  1. Unused milk cans


You can make it into a pen, pencil and office tools or decorate the room. If you have a niece, can also make toys cook. If you want to apply, use another image to decorate the tin or no problem.

  1. Unused bottle of honey


This stuff can be changed into a funny trinket. You can use this ornament for store office equipment, make-up equipment, or as a sweetener on the table only. It could also be money to save money.

  1. Colorful bottles for make-up Tools


If you have a colorful bottle, do not throw it away. Can still be used, can be a place of toiletries, make-up equipment, cotton bud, cotton etc. All it takes is a colorful bottle, cutter / knife, scissors and iron.

  1. Unused Bottle shampoo


You can change unused bottles for decorating your desk or studying. In order to look not rigid and boring, accompanied by these funny monsters you can more the spirit of work and study.

  1. Unused toilet roll to make art creations


Who would have thought that was in the room or living room. You can make your own, you just make some walls and hang it as decoration.

  1. Vase from unused bottles


This is perfect for party decoration or ordinary house painting. These plastic bottles of mineral water can be vases as well. The material is easy, you just need a used bottle that has been cleaned from the label, masking tape (plaster to mark the color), and acrylic paint.

  1. Bottle of soda can be can be changed into a cute plant pots
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Cat pot that made from this bottle of soda can make you as a Go Green agent! That is creative. To make it, you just need the ingredients are Bottle soda, white spray paint, White and pink marker, Scissors Wire / White cotton yarn.

  1. Creation of phone holder from unused lotion bottle


Now you can make your own mobile holder from a lotion bottle. The material is also easy, Bottle lotion, Scissors, pen, patchwork, white glue, and cutter.

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