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10 Smart Ideas to Use old Tires for Your Home

Sometimes, a collection of old tires waste the space in the repository. If you be anxious to make them become something useful at your home, there are some smart ideas to copy. Coloration and creativity are needed to re-use the old tires for your home. Let’s check it out!

Polka Dot Pendulum

Source : Pinterest

Creating colorful dots and hanging them on a tree by using ropes will make the old tire become a nice thing. Spending your leisure time on the pendulum in the backyard is fun.

A Unique Coffe Table

Source : Pinterest

Painting the whole of old tires with your favorite color and using it become a coffe table in the living room is an interesting idea.

Cozy Place at Home

Source : Pinterest

Source : Pinterest

There are several ways to use the old tires become cozy place at your home. You can wrap it with yarn or fulfill the hole with pad. Just try it, then you’ll enjoy your relax time so much.

A Creative Christmas Tree

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Arranging some sequent size of tires is a creative way to create a Christmas tree. In this project, you’ll need some ribbons, cotton and LED light to embellish the Christmas tree.

Colorful Planters in Yard

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Painting the old tires become colorful planters is a nice idea to make your backyard looks fresh.

An Old Tire for Empty Wall

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It’s a simple project in using the old tire to be something useful on the empty wall. In this project, you’ll need LED light to make it nicer.

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Storage on the Corner

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Some animals and books are nice to be stored on the corner to use the space behind the door. In this project, you need to divide the tire into four pieces to be assembled on the corner.

Kids Play Ground

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Providing a safe play ground in the yard for your kids is a good idea. Some old tires can be the bridge of the playground. So that, your kids can play safely and happily.

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