10 Smart DIY Phone Charging Station Ideas

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That mismatched table of your chargers is driving you crazy. All you need is a good charging station to keep battery life high and cord tangles low so there is no more low battery anxiety. Here are 10 smart DIY phone charging station ideas to consider below.

1. His and Hers Phone Charging Station


This charging station is made of wood and can be used for two phones. It is so easy to make.

2. Wall-Mounted Charging Station


This wall-mounted project is good for small space. You can also paint it with your favorite color that will add a bright touch to your space.

3. Picture Frame Charging Station


This easy but elegant charging station is only made with a picture frame and window trim.

4. Stash It in a Book


This ‘book’ charging station will make your nightstand look neat and pretty.

5. Kitchen Bread Box Charging Station


Add a shelf and holes in the back of the kitchen bread box and holes in the back so tablets can sit snugly with your phones underneath them, and then just close the hatch when you want to hid it.

6. Designated Pouch


This pouch is great for you who have the outlets smack dab in the middle of the wall. All you need to do is make this easy designated pouch and command hook.

7. Tray Station


Put this DIY tray station near your door that is also a good spot to store the keys that is get lost easily because you are forget where did you put.

8. IKEA Hacks


Use this plate racks from IKEA into the compartments for safe keeping and charging station all of your family members at night.

9. Basket Charging Station


Take advantage of your waste space by making this adorable charging station that made of a basket and a rail.

10. Vintage Suitcase Charging Station


This DIY charging station will make a colorful and unique statement and you can also add a notes at the top of the suitcase.

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