9 DIY Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Home this Spring

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Spring is in the town. So let’s spruce up your house for warmer weather. We have round up some DIY projects to infuse your space with a breath of fresh air, and brighten it up with pops of color. Check these out.

1. Kraft Seed Starter Kids


Everyone love seeds, especially herb seeds. Start your spring with this Kraft Seed Starter Kits which include basil, mint, cinnamon and lemon balm seedlings.

2. Agate Slice Coasters Kit


Let’s add some bling and a pop of color to your living space with these dazzling agate slice coasters that are as easy to make as they are beautiful.

3. Sand Art Terrarium Kit


Let’s bring the outdoor inside. Create your own flourishing little world with this sand art terrarium kit to freshen up your home for spring with this sand art terrarium kit.

4. Garden Jar Herb Kits


Let’s spruce up your kitchen with this garden jar herbs kit. This is a self-watering herb kits that feature an adorable quart mason jar and also a passive hydroponic system that allows for low maintenance, year-round indoor gardening.

5. Marbled Jewelry Tray Kit


Create your own chic marbled jewelry tray to clear up some of that vanity clutter and show off your jewels with pride.

6. Edible Flower Seed Kit


Bring the spring vibe inside with some simple, fresh flora. This kit includes heirloom edible flower seeds that grow easily indoors and it is guaranteed to brighten up your home.

7. Indigo Tie Dye Kit


Update your home accessories with this bright, hippie-inspired indigo tie dye kit. You can create up to 15 yards of fabric dripping with bold and beautiful tie-dyed.

8. Cheese Board Kit


Customize your own cheese board with our easy wood-burnt cheese board kit that’ll make you want to have friends over for wine and cheese every night of the spring.

9. Dip Dyed Rope Bowls Kit


Add some texture and bold hues to your digs with these DIY rope bowls.

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