8 best outdoor furniture ideas for your outdoor space

Outdoor furniture is always being needed, whether it is bench, table, or others. Rather than buy it in any store that will cost much budget, it will better for you to make it at home. There are plenty outdoor designs that can be implemented at your yard. Here are some furniture that might be suitable for your house;

1.      Rocky Mountain Fireside Bench

Rocky mountain fireside bench

Let your family enjoy this winter by sitting at fireside bench you made. You only have to spend little time to do this with another family member. Prepare some wood and make it soon before the winter coming.

2.      Hip Hand Painted Wire Basket Table

Hip hand painted wire basket table

Paint a basket with any color you like whether green, red, yellow, and soon. Then add round wooden plate and flip it over. Then, your wire basket table project is already done.

3.      Tahitian Style Reclining Chaise

Tahitian style reclining chaise

A unique bench that is nice to be placed at your garden or on the side of pool. This bench is for you who like to take a rest after having hard day while enjoy the sunlight. Having this Tahitian style will make you love this world.

4.      Steel and Wood Re-purposed Rolling Console

Steel and wood repurposed rolling console

Here, one of the furniture that can be put outdoor of your house. You can put your plates or household equipment. If your child likes to play outside, it can be use to save your child at this rolling console.

5.      Hand Assembled Picket-Fence Bench

Hand assembled picket-fence bench

This is a cute bench that can be put anywhere at your garden. Your child will love to sit at this bench. They will happy play at this too. You can use another color to make it more cheerful.

6.      DIY Lincoln Lawn Table

Diy lincoln lawn table

You will need more time to make DIY Lincoln Lawn Table by yourself. This furniture is good for you who has yard. One table can be used by more than two people. It’s good for a the one who has big family.

7.      Crate and Pallet DIY Pallet Sofa

Crate and pallet diy pallet sofa

To make DIY pallet sofa, you need to prepare some wood. Predict the size of sofa according to the thickness of the pillow that will be used. Then arrange the frame, you need to have screw driver as well.

8.      Bed Of Grass Outdoor Billet

Bed of grass outdoor billet

The idea of making bed of grass outdoor billet is not hard to be done. You only need to construct the frame which is assembled by stalled headboard and wooden pallet. The mattress contains by geofabric filled with dirt and fertilizer. Then, add the grass and some pillows.



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