A trellis is a supporting structure that also serves as the background for your plant arrangement and it become a decorative piece nowadays. The trellis will dictate and disposition your plant and the trellis will allow the plant to shine fully against the wall, so you should never underestimate the trellis. If you want your plants look best and your decoration to be coherent, consider the trellis.

DIY Cedar Trellis

This DIY trellis project is so cheap and easy to do. It is great idea for you who want to add something pretty to the blank space between two windows.

DIY Trellis Made of Branches

if you have a sturdy branch in your garden, do not throw it away. Be creative by making this simple and easy DIY branches.

DIY French Tuteurs

This garden trellis is great place to grow a plants in the middle of your garden; green beans.

DIY Mirrored Trellis

Paint your trellis the same color as your fence on the front and back, lay the mirrored plexi over the back of the trellis, predrilled all the holes, secure the plexiglass panel in place with your wood screws and attach the J  brackets to the back of the trellis at the top edge.

DIY Trellis Screen

This trellis has a very intricate design crafted from thin slabs of wood boards arranged in different geometric shapes. The whole structure was then finished off with white paint, which really allows it to stand out in your garden.

Build a Fence Trellis To Train Beans Using Small Space

If you have small space, this project is one of the best way to train beans while maximizing your yard space. Make a trellis using wire mesh and wood, then affix it to your fence and you’ll be ready to start training your beans.

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DIY Chevron Lattice Trellis

This beautiful wooden trellis looks really sophisticated once finished with its smooth black color and chevron or herringbone design and it is fairly simple to put together using narrow pallet wood or something similar.

DIY Simple Pea Trellis

Spring is coming, and it is the perfect time to plant peas in the garden. And plus, this plant can also be the garden trellis that is so easy to make.

DIY PVC Trellis

This white PVC was used to create an intricate crisscrossed pattern that is so impressive to became trellis.

Hide The Downspout With A Trellis

If you have an unsightly downspout to deal with, then installing a trellis with some plants along the wall can be a great fix.

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