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DIY Tree Ring Planter Ideas to Beautify Your Outdoor

Nature always presents its beauty with colorful blooming flowers and plants. For you who like gardening, create ring planter is a nice idea to beautify your outdoor with the various of bloomings and plants. Even you can do it in a simple way, that is by utilizing spaces around the tree in your yard. The material of ring planter are usually easy to find such as stones, wood, or bricks. It depends on the design and concept of planter itself.

Stone Tree Ring Planter

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When a desire to make a ring planter comes to your mind, maybe you are thinking about the budget and the hassle of making it. There is a simple concept you can try. Just provide stones that usually used as the foundation of a building, you can use it to be a unique planter ring. The blooms will look very so beautiful bordered with these stones.

Square Brick Tree Ring Planter

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To make the ring planter you’ll need some pieces of square bricks to be arranged circling around the tree. Then put the loose soil into area to plant some plants and flowers. Place also some white stones nearest to the tree so that the combination of its color look more riveting.

Border Shrubs as the Ring Planter

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A tree ring planter can also made by using plant border. It’s a kind of shrubbery which can be cut in a certain form. When this plant grows higher, you should cut it to always look tidy border around the tree.

Paving Block Tree Ring Planter

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To result a beautiful ring planter, it is good to arrange some white paving blocks into two layers. So you can fill two various of plants in each layer.

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Grassy Border Surrounding

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A palm tree will look very beautiful when overgrown plants around it. For this concept, you do not need to border it with any material. It’s enough when the colorful flowers are bordered by the grass around them.

Coral Tree Ring Planter

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Coral ring planter is similar with the previous ring planter concept. You need to place coral stones around the tree. So that water can seep into the soil and nourish the plants to grow around there.

Wooden Tree Ring Planter

Besides stone or brick planter ring, you can also use wooden planter ring. It will require some hinges to connect each part to become a complete circle. This ring planter really beautify your outdoor.

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