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10 Simple DIYs To Upcycle Old Stacks Of Magazines

Glossy magazine pages, beautiful photographs, artistic writing and colorful pages make us deeply in love with magazines. But then they start piling up and taking up a lot of space. Fortunately, those colorful pages are great for creative upcycling projects. When you’re done flipping through pages, turn the brilliant publicity into a stunning and unique piece of art. From now on those magazines you subscribe does not have to end up in a dump after you’ve finished reading them.

1. Wall Of Art

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Take advantage of the beautiful colors in magazines to make wall art. You can create beautiful color gradients from magazine paper rolls. Distracting the thickness in the center of each roll gives an amazing effect!

2. Corner Page Bookmark

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This bookmark is the best thing for those of you who love to read. The origami technique is very easy to follow and you get bookmarks that will stick to the corner of the page, so you’ll never lose a page while reading.

3. Envelopes

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Make your letter more personal using envelopes from used magazines. You can freely choose any image, color and design that you want to add flair to any letter that you are sending.

4. Gift Wrap Bows

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Need to add accessories to your gift? Do not buy bows anymore, make your own. Here’s a great new way to spice up every gift with a magazine you already have at home and give a personal touch to your every gift.

5. Glass Coasters

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Recycle magazines come into something for your morning cup of coffee or tea to sit on. Since you fold the pages together to make your “fabric” they’re also really sturdy and you can top them off with Mod Podge to make them extra sturdy.

6. Mini Basket

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Turned your old magazine into a colorful and durable woven basket that’s super eco-friendly.

7. Photo Frame

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This rolled page picture frame is really simple to make, you just tear or cut out your pages and glue onto a cardboard or wooden picture frame base. Choose brightly colored pages or paint it, to make yourself an awesome magazine picture frame.

8. Planter

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Hide your old planter with piles of magazines as an artistic new planter. Measure the diameter of your planter, then cut the centre of the magazine according to the diameter. Continue to pile up to cover the planter inside.

9. Paper Flower

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What better way to use old magazines than to make beautiful flowers? Real flowers can fade in a few days, but the beauty of this paper will brighten up your room for years. You can stick a paper flower on a dry branch as a bouquet or as an accessory on your gift.

10. Decoupage Magazine Vase

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You can upcycle your old magazines and worn vases at the same time. Make a decoupage on the vase by pasting the words or pictures you like from your old magazine.

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