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37 Best DIY Projects with Pallet for Your Garden

Pallet DIY project is all the rage and it comes with tons of ideas available on internet or even magazines. There are so many ways you can use pallets in your home and garden, and the only limit is only your imagination. Pallet used in shipping products and they are often discarded or recycled at the shipping destination. You can find them for free from local hardware stores or garden supply stores.

Choose the pallet carefully because not every pallet is worth picking up, so be selective. Look for stamps in the pallet, if you find pallet stamped with either IPPC or HT, they are generally a better choice than the one that stamped with MP. Give wood a good cleaning before you use it; scrub it thoroughly with soapy water or a diluted bleach solution and let dry completely. Now check out these 37 best DIY projects with pallet for your garden below.


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