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32 Creative Pergola Designs and DIY Options

Keep some of these pointers in mind as your design solution when choosing a space for your pergola. Screening the environment; choosing a usual horizontal overhead beams will increase the sense that what lies ahead is important while neighboring houses or utility items behind are secondary. Arch in perfect scale such as the rounded rose-covered arch is simply and perfectly proportion. Shaded seat is great example as a focal point and tall planting ensures that the arbor sits comfortably within the overall design of the garden.

Add a statue or other focal point can foreshorten the view but it will attract attention and will help to create a sense of movement. Plan to your landscape’s best feature, you don’t need to snuggled up next to your house, let your garden define itself. When your space is limited, design matters even more; the linear articulation of the pergola trickles down the side, adding visual interest while also providing privacy for your patio. Take a look at these 32 creative pergola design and DIY options below.

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