Shiplap is a great way to bring texture to your space. When your space needs to feel a bit set apart, sprucing up the walls is good ideas. But if it seems too busy, a nice clean shiplap will help your space such as breakfast nook or home office feel like a whole room itself. A small space with large essential such s laundry room can keep you dumbfounded as to how to beautify the room, shiplap it.

Line the back of your pantry with shiplap for a finished look, so the pattern will make the pasta and onions look better. You can use shiplap to extend the focal point such as fireplace that will give a great background to the mantle decor. Shiplap statement wall is never go wrong especially in rooms that do not require as much simulation such as bedroom or bathroom. Now take a look at these 41 ways to add charm to your space with shiplap below.


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