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40 Clever Ideas to Makeover Your Mirror

Mirror on your wall can give your space a brand new life. Find a shape that works for you because shape plays an important role in defining any space. The shape of the mirror can create a mood, accentuate what is already there or even give an illusion of something else. The size of the mirror is also something that has to consider because it can influence the impact you want to create.

Your mirrors can reflect the style you already have in your space, but you can also create best impact by choosing a style that is unexpected and for that reason acts as an accent, so the frame plays an even greater role in determining style. You can choose an ornate carved or gilt frame for more traditional ethnic culture inspired setting but can be used for contrast in a more modern one. A more frame with simple lines is more suitable for a casual or modern interior while whimsical frame treatments and distressed looks work well for a country look or eclectic room. If your mirror is outdated and you start to plan to makeover it, take a look at these 40 clever ideas to makeover your mirror below.

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