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38 Ways to Decorate your Garden Using Cinder Blocks

We all love a good backyard hack especially the one that is simple but affordable. And nowadays people are building innovative and inexpensive outdoor furniture such as benches, tables, shelves and more from the unexpected material, cinder blocks. Cinder block is originally intended for construction, but the hollowed-out concrete blocks have all sorts of other uses, as this Clever proves. So let’s decorate your garden space using cinder blocks.

The easiest way is build a bench by cinder blocks and block wood; make sure to secure the back rest with concrete glue. Or try a cinder block potting station and we can also see this serving well as a grilling preparation table. The hollow centers of cinder blocks are perfect for plant, so create a living wall of sorts by stacking them up and adding soil and succulents. See more 38 ways to decorate your garden using cinder blocks below.

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