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35 Creative Ways to Grow Strawberry at your Garden

Learn about many types of stylish containers that you can use for growing strawberries. Strawberries have shallow root systems and can easily thrive in small planting spaces. Vertical gardens with planting pockets provide sufficient rooting space for strawberries to yield a tasty crop. Plants root into the felt which absorbs and distributes water and also hosts soil microbes.

Plant your strawberries in an old waterproof garden boots; cut holes in boot sides for planting pockets, drill a few holes in the sole for water drainage, fill with soil and plant. Or try a recycled kitchen colander can be used as a pretty container for trailing strawberries, keeping the ripening fruits conveniently within reach. Or try a traditional strawberry jar with a tiered planter; the design features a flow-through watering system that moves water evenly throughout the planter when you water the top. See more 35 creative ways to grow strawberry at your own garden below.

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