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31 DIY Ideas to Add Rustic Farmhouse Feel to your Kitchen

The best thing about farmhouse style is every interpretation is unique and beautiful. So let’s mix and match any number of these ideas in your kitchen space to create a cozy and welcoming room where everyone will want to gather. For a classic farmhouse look, try wood counters on the island or throughout the kitchen for a classic farmhouse look. Material such as butcher block can also be less expensive than stone or solid surfacing.

Stainless steel and cast iron is a material that can be found in farmhouse sink, and are popping up in every style of kitchen; a white porcelain farmhouse sink is the best choice for an instant farmhouse feel. Display your antique vases, a collection of mason jars or large wooden bowls throughout your kitchen for a unique look. Add beaded board to the front of an island, on the backsplash, or on the ceiling of your kitchen to create a cozy look. Now take a look at these 31 DIY ideas to add rustic farmhouse feel to your kitchen below.

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