If you are looking to make your own succulent filled driftwood planter, what you need is a driftwood, floral glue, sphagnum moss and succulents. Driftwood pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Try to find a piece that fits in the space you plan to display it or find one that matches your style and figure out where it will go later. Or try to look for something with holes you can put succulents in, or just glue the succulents on top.

Add the floral glue to the inside of the driftwood hole and covered the entire length of the driftwood opening with moss. Once the moss is in, start adding succulents and plants them close together to make them grow and overflow. Give the roots a day or two to heal and soak them with water to help encourage the succulents to establish their roots. See other 54 ideas to arrange your succulent with driftwood below.

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