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43 Make Your Own String Art That Look Artsy for Your Space

We have been seeing of string art popping up all over the web and why don’t you make it on your own? This project is easy to work with, light weight and also cheap, so let’s get it started. First, prepare the materials; rolls of cork, hot glue gun, assorted colors of embroidery floss, velcro hanging strips and linoleum nails. You can find all of the materials by visiting local craft store and hardware store.

Flatten your cork and glue it together and create your word or picture template by download it draw it by yourself. Center your template and cut your cork and begin outlining your template with nails. Remove your template and begin to string your canvas and your DIY string art is ready to decorate your space. See another 43 make your own string art ideas below to inspire you and happy DIY-ing.

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