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41 Indoor Hanging Planters You Can Make Yourself

Hanging plant is a beautiful addition to your space. It draws the eye up and really showcases the plants and also adds an interesting design element. Growing plants in hanging baskets are the same as growing them in grounded pots. Be aware, there are several things to consider protecting your home and plants.

A hanging basket or pot full of soil and plant material can be heavy, so make sure the structure can hold the weight. Protect your floors and furniture; a pot within a pot, the attached tray. Watering your hanging plants is the hardest part; if you have very large, heavy baskets, attach them to a simple pulley system that allows the entire basket to be lowered for watering. If you ready for it, now let’s take a look at these 41 indoor hanging planters you can make yourself at home to find the best hanging planter for your house.

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