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37 Ways to make your Own Christmas Tree from Pallet Wood

This easy pallet wood Christmas tree will add some modern yet rustic charm to your holiday decoration. First of all you need several boards from broken down pallets, hammer, stiff wire brush, gloves, saw, measure tape, carpenter’s square screwdriver or drill, paint brush, newspaper or drop cloth. Break pallets apart carefully and 10 (it could be less or more) from the top and bottom of the pallets. Don’t forget to clean the pieces by scraping them with the wire brush to brush away any debris.

Prepare the pieces and layout the tree. Attach the branches, make the base and finish it. Prepare the white wash and apply the white was; start at the top and paint only the bottom branch and leave the trunk and base uncoated. As the finishing touch, seal the tree if desired and add ornaments as desired with wire; the wood should be soft enough to attach the wire to the tree on the back side with a push pin. And now take a look at other 37 ideas to make your own Christmas tree from pallet wood below to inspire you.

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