Adding some extra jingle and sparkle to your backyard with beaded wind chime does beautify your garden. So let’s make a DIY beaded wind chime projects with some amounts of beautiful beads you can enjoy it every day. First of all, prepare the materials; assorted beads and charms, bells or anything that can make a pleasant sound when the wind blows), driftwood or wooden dowel, nylon beading thread, beading needle, electric drill and small drill bit and twine. And let’s get it start it.

Drilling holes in your piece of drift wood or wooden dowel as many as you like and cut a length of nylon beading thread, tie a bell to one end leaving a few inches of excess thread at the end of the knot and thread the needle onto the other end of the string. Begin threading beads onto the nylon string, you can also mixed in wooden beads and metal charms and once you have finished beading your strand, unthread the needle (make sure not to lose your beads, thread the needle onto the few inches of string you left at the bottom) then insert the needle back up through 2 or 3 beads to hide the end of the thread. Snip off any excess string and set the beaded strand aside and start the next one and continue to make it until you have enough for each hole that you made in the driftwood and once you are done, lay the finished strands out and make any adjustments you might want. Thread the needle and string it in the driftwood, make a hanger by wrapping twine around one end of the wood and secure them with a knot and your own beaded wind chime is ready.

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