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45 Adorable Indoor Animated Christmas Figures

Christmas is coming, so check these festive decorations that are sure to get everyone into the spirit. Glam you space with glitter and gold; create your own mantel banner and pair with gold-dipped table accents and pop a pink for a contemporary twist to Christmas decoration. Bring the assorted glass jars to give your front porch banister a festive glow. Add a mercury-glass effect by first misting the jars interior then immediately spraying on looking-glass paint.

Layered together the white tone to make glamorous, modern, traditional, romantic or casual space that is depending on the textures and materials used. Add a light fixtures by attach pine branches around a chandelier’s base, drape burlap ribbon and add glass ornaments for a more rustic approach. If you were asked to conjure up images of the usual suspects you’d expect to see around Christmastime, consider the animated Christmas figurine. And here are 45 adorable indoor animated Christmas figurine to transform your house into a veritable festive grotto.

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