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41 Hide your Outdoor Eyeshore Project

Every garden and back yard should have and outdoor eyesores. The essential items such as utility boxes, air conditioning units, lawnmowers, garbage bins and more are something we’d prefer not to look at them while spending time outside. So what do you do to hide it? We have prepared some photo gallery of outdoor eyesore hiding ideas project to help you hide those essential items.

Started from a simple DIY type projects to things requiring a bit more skill and effort, you will find something here to help you hide the stuff for every style and budget. From a variety of wood, to faux rocks and sturdy plastic, we believe that you can find inspiration among these images to make your outdoor space all you have ever dreamed it can be. Don’t just stop here, use one of these 41 ideas and then take things further with landscaping. And in a few season you will hardly remember those outdoor blemishes.

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