15 SUV Camper Conversion Ideas That’ll Blow your Mind

For you who like to go on a trip, a camper is a great idea. The spacious interior allows us to easily sleep inside on a road that is eliminating the need to find hotels. But sleeping in sleeping bag on thin sleeping mats with no shower and no convenient way to store cold food often make us a bit eager to get back to civilization. So why don’t we just convert our car into a full-time camper car.

First of all, create the layout and once we had a general layout figured out, took measurements and make sure that everything fit in your camper. The next step is creating a platform bed frame and makes the mattress. Don’t forget to install a house battery for additional features such as fridge and fan. There are many things to do to make the best SUV camper, but see these SUV camper conversion ideas below to get an inspiration for your own.

Suv Inflatable Bed Outdoor Camping Mattress Travel Air Bed

Suv inflatable bed outdoor camping mattress travel air bed
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Suv drawer, car camping, storage suv camping, car bed

Suv drawer, car camping, storage suv camping, car bed,
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Suv Camper with Sleeping Platform and Drawers System

Suv camper with sleeping platform and drawers system
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SUV Camper Sleeper Conversion with Table

Suv camper sleeper conversion with table
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SUV Camper has a Bed Frame with an Abundance of Storage Underneath, Kitchen Unit with Sink, Many Handy Places for Extra Storage,  Back-up Camera, and Much More

Suv camper has a bed frame with an abundance of storage underneath, a kitchen unit with a sink, many handy places for extra storage, a back-up camera, and much more
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SUV Camper for Camping Setup

Suv camper for camping setup
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Sprinter Van Sleeper Conversions

Sprinter van sleeper conversions
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Sportsmobile 4×4 Camper Van Looks Like an Ideal Vehicle for Every Sportsman’s Outdoor Adventures

Sportsmobile 4x4 camper van looks like an ideal vehicle for every sportsman's outdoor adventures
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Man’s Compact Camping Kitchen System Means Better Off-Road Cooking

Man's compact camping kitchen system means better off-road cooking
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Land Rover Defender Camper Conversion

Land rover defender camper conversion
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Crew Cab Truck with Custom Camper cargo section with roof-top pop-up tent and canopy

Crew cab truck with custom camper cargo section with roof-top pop-up tent and canopy
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Choosing the Best Kitchen for Lightweight Off Road Camper Trailers

Choosing the best kitchen for lightweight off-road camper trailers
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Campervan with Double Bunk Beds More

Campervan with double bunk beds more
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Camper Van Conversions that’ll Inspire you to Hit the Road

Camper van conversions that'll inspire you to hit the road
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Bed Drawers Fully Stocked More

Bed drawers fully stocked more
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