16 Creative and Inspiring DIY Christmas Gift for Friends

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Spread holiday cheer with these creative, sweet and simple handmade gifts for friends. Make your own gift toppers to humble the gift package. A paper Straw Christmas tree; use a pencil to draw a triangle shape, cut paper straws , adhere with hot-glue and weave a piece of string down the length of tree and adhere it with dots along the way. Or make a yarn pom-pom; twirl yarn around four fingers 50 times, cut it and slide loop off fingers, making sure that it doesn’t unravel and cinch at middle with yarn.

Make a snow globe cookie jar using a fine-tipped brush to paint small white dots on the outside of the jar and fill bottom of the jar with snowball cookies, place small plastic trinkets inside for a snow globe-inspires vignette. Don’t forget to tie gift tag to jar with ribbon. Another great ideas is take a plain pillow and simply wrapping it like a present; add a sprig of greenery of a festive ornament for an extra bit of flourish. See more inspiring DIY Christmas gift below.

Statue Snowman with Frosty Hat Filled with Lemax Figurines Fish Bowl Glass Tree Snow for Gift Christmas

Statue snowman with frosty hat filled with lemax figurines fish bowl glass tree snow for gift christmas
Source : Pinterest

Pop Up Box Card Christmas Gift for Friend

Pop up box card christmas gift for friend
Source : Pinterest

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas from Wood

Homemade christmas gift ideas from wood
Source : Pinterest

Gift Christmas Wine Glass Candle for Friend

Gift christmas wine glass candle for friend
Source : Pinterest

Gift Christmas Economical Cookie Packaging for Friends

Gift christmas economical cookie packaging for friends
Source : Pinterest

Easy Homemade Essential Oil Gifts for Christmas for Friend

Easy homemade essential oil gifts for christmas for friend
Source : Pinterest

DIY Gift Christmas Decoration with Bottles, Cans, Cups, and Glass for Friend

Diy gift christmas decoration with bottles, cans, cups, and glass for friend
Source : Pinterest

DIY Gift Christmas Cookie for Friend

DIY gift christmas cookie for friend
Source : Pinterest

DIY Christmas Gifts Storage Ideas for your Friends

Diy christmas gifts storage ideas for your friends
Source : Pinterest

DIY Christmas Gift ideas for Friends from Beautiful Jars

Diy christmas gift ideas for friends from beautiful jars
Source : Pinterest

DIY Christmas Chocolate Bread Gifts for Friend

Diy christmas chocolate bread gifts for friend
Source : Pinterest

DIY Christmas Baskets for Friend

Diy christmas baskets for friend
Source : Pinterest

DIY Candy Filled Ornaments for Gift Christmas

Diy candy filled ornaments for gift christmas
Source : Pinterest

Creative Christmas Gift for Class

Creative christmas gift for class
Source : Pinterest

Christmas Coca DIY Gift Cups of Hot Chocolate Mix in the Bottom

Christmas coca diy gift cups of hot chocolate mix in the bottom .
Source : Pinterest

Cheap Gifts for Roommates From Made Glass

Cheap gifts for roommates from made glass
Source : Pinterest

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