The gift is a special thing for those of you who are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or even Valentine. Especially if you serve the gifts to your loved ones by making your own DIY Valentine Craft. You can also make them more special if they are wrapped with interesting creativity. A beautifully wrapped gift will make the recipient feel happy and interested to open it. Well, to wrap your Valentine’s gift, maybe you can try a simple idea to wrap it in an easy way like the picture below.

Paper Wrapped

An item will look more attractive if it is neatly wrapped in unique packaging. Especially if the item is intended as a gift at Valentine. The gift will feel more special if it is packaged beautifully, it can also arouse curiosity for the recipient. For valentine’s gifts, you can choose a pink gift paper. Or you can also choose white wrapping paper then you can decorate it with various ornaments such as pink or red ribbon, white rope, and red cloth.

Use white paper decorated with white and red cords to make your gift look beautiful.
White paper with a heart pattern is suitable for gift wrapping at valentine. Not to mention combined with a rope to beautify it.
Valentine’s gift wrapped in paper combined with ornaments and a white rope to make your gift look beautiful
Wrap a plain white gift that is adorned with a red heart painting to make a perfect valentine gift.
White valentine gifts with colorful lip patterns to make your valentine gifts look attractive
Use brown paper with heart accents to make a simple but beautiful Valentine’s gift.
This is a perfect Valentine’s gift. You can decorate it with white and purple ribbons to make this gift look perfect
Wrap your gift in white paper painted with heart paintings and add heart-shaped decorations too.
Elegant patterned gift wrap combined with a red ribbon is perfect in order to make your valentine gifts look perfect
Polka dot paper to wrap valentine gifts is indeed very suitable. Moreover, coupled with a red cloth to add to the appearance of your gift looks beautiful.

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Fabric Wrapped

So that the gift that you give has a special impression, you must wrap the gift in a different and interesting way. Not only is the content of the gifts important, but the gift wrap can also make the gift special. with a unique wrap can make those who receive a gift to be curious about the gift is given. You can use fabric to wrap gifts. The fabric has beautiful colors and diverse motifs and also looks more eye-catching.

Valentine’s gift with the color of the gift wrap made from cute checkered fabric gives a romantic impression on valentine’s day.
Elegant gift wrap with red ribbon accents that create a feminine impression.
Creative ideas for gift wrap made from floral fabric and added red ribbon accents that are strung together.

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Valentine’s gift wrapped in a simple pink cloth and combined with grape accents that create a charming feel.
Charming valentine gift with floral fabric accents with natural white color that gives an elegant feel on valentine’s day.
You can wrap a valentine gift using polka dot patterned fabric that makes it look funny.
If you want to wrap valentine gifts, this valentine gift is suitable. with a gift wrap, valentine fabric with beautiful patterns gives an elegant feel.
Valentine’s unique gift wrap with a charming floral fabric accent makes valentine gifts more perfect.
This Valentine gift wrap looks cute in the form of a patterned cloth in several different colors. Then, the ribbon wrap accent gives a perfect impression.
Valentine’s gift ideas with pink flower-patterned packs combining gray create a feminine feel of valentine.

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Giving a gift during valentine’s can make your relationship with friends or boyfriend will be more romantic and harmonious. There are tons of gift wrap models for your girlfriend or friend. However, try to choose the best and most memorable. In addition check out the DIY Valentine card to make your gift even more perfect.

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