Due to the crafts that you will use for the Christmas decoration, you should make sure that you have it in varied. Since there are some craft ideas that you can apply, then you just need to simply use the affordable one. Talking about on budget DIY Christmas crafts, here we have some ideas that you can adapt. The following references will cover the Christmas tree decoration and the table decoration. Enjoy!


The first simple craft will be the gingerbread. Beside for its simple design, gingerbread is also quite popular for Christmas decoration. Commonly, the gingerbread used to decorate the Christmas tree that will loved by the kids. However, you can also use it to decorate your garland or any hanging craft that you make. Even more, to make it in a real bread will be really great and become such a good treat for the whole family member.

Beautiful DIY craft by making funny gingerbread cookies like this picture that can be put on the Christmas tree
Crafts that are similar to gingerbread-shaped bowls can be used as decorations for next Christmas.
Craft made of cute shaped paper is very suitable for Christmas
This wicker shaped gingerbread combined with shirt buttons to make this craft looks beautiful
You can make the gingerbread to form the cute leaves, Christmas trees and watermelon crafts for Christmas this year

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Mini Christmas Tree

To have the Christmas tree into every part of your home is such an incredible one. Anyway because the size of the Christmas tree might will make your home looks full then you can have the mini size of the Christmas tree. Moreover, it is also really in varied talking about the materials. It covers from the fabric, synthetic, or even the real pine leaves.

A small Christmas tree made of bright white and blue cloth that is very easy and also beautiful
A small Christmas tree terrarium adorned with artificial snow will make the Christmas tree look perfect
Christmas tree with a small candle holder that is adorned with some ornaments that will make the Christmas tree look perfect
Mini Christmas tree combined with burlap banner, galvanized bucket, and lantern ornaments to make more a beautiful your Christmas tree
Small Christmas tree decoration combined with candles and berries to perfect your centerpiece this Christmas

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Talking about the bells, you might think that it will only available in the common form of it. However, you can still make it in a really varied bell decoration. For the easy way, you can simply paint it in colors so that it could be more attractive. Then, you can overlay the bells by using certain materials that you think most interesting.

Colorful garland bells to make more elegant look this Christmas
A craft that uses bells to make a Christmas tree shape combined with light blue ornaments for Christmas

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A white bell with snow illusion combined with a red ribbon that reads Merry Christmas will make your Christmas decorations look creative

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Crafts using old rustic bells tied with ropes look simple but can enhance your Christmas decorations to look perfect

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Wreath made of bells combined with red ribbon can be placed on the Christmas tree to make your decorations more beautiful

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Christmas Candle

If talking about Christmas decoration, it won’t be far from candles that are decorate to create the proper decoration. Here, you can simply put it inside the glass then what you have to do is decorating the glass. Or, you can directly decorate the candle it self. Add it with certain Christmas stuff like pine leaves, fruits, then add it with ribbon or any fabric material.

A candle jar wrapped with striped ribbon combined with faux greenery, pine cones to perfect your decoration
A large glass paired with snowy pine cones and a candle to make a really simple candle glass decoration.
Candle with leaves wrapped around it paired with ribbon bows in white to perfect your Christmas decoration
Candles wrapped with plaid fabric combined with berries, ribbon and leaves to looks beautiful
Dollar store candles wrapped with burlap, rosemary and twine to make a rustic look in this Christmas

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After all, since you have found lot of affordable references for your Christmas craft, then it’s your turn to do the projects. Here, you can apply all of the ideas as long as that won’t make your home looks crowded. Make sure that you adjust your home condition when giving any decoration to have the best decoration in your own version.

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