No home is complete without a beautiful outdoor living space for children to entertaining guests, to play on, or just enjoying the outside environment. So if you are looking to revamp your space to enhance your living space and create an area to gather and enjoy the outdoors, consider building a patio. This project is not only increasing its resale value but also well for the family’s quality of life. There is the countless option of simple and modern patio design below, and each design has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It is important to select the best outdoor patio design based on your needs to ensure your exterior living space is both functional and attractive when factoring in the location, size, and style of your home. These patio designs below will help to make the process less intimidating and aid you in becoming a creative do-it-yourself designer. Don’t forget to choose the right material for your home project. See these 16 simple and modern outdoor patio designs below.

Vintage Mid Century Modern Garden Patio Design Build Book

Vintage mid century modern garden patio design build book

Source : Pinterest

Summer-Ready Outdoor Patio Dining Areas

Small Modern Patio Blends Into its Environment Perfectly

Small modern patio blends into its environment perfectly

Source : Pinterest

Small and Pretty Patio Room design Ideas

Small and pretty patio room design ideas

Source : Pinterest

Patios and Outdoor Spaces Ideas in Garden

Patios and outdoor spaces ideas in garden

Source : Pinterest

Outdoor Patio Ideas with Wooden Cover and Modern Lighting Designs

Outdoor patio ideas with wooden cover and modern lighting designs

Source : Pinterest

Outdoor Patio Furniture Options and Ideas

Modern Patio Deck Designs Ideas with Pillow

Modern patio deck designs ideas with pillow

Source : Pinterest

Modern Outdoor Patio Design with Light Ornament

Modern outdoor patio design with light ornament

Source : Pinterest

Modern Outdoor Clean Lined Patios Ideas

Modern outdoor clean lined patios ideas

Source : Pinterest

Modern Ideas for Outdoor Patio Home Decorating with Flowers and Plants

Modern ideas for outdoor patio home decorating with flowers and plants

Source : Pinterest

Midcentury Patio Designs for Outdoor Spaces

Midcentury patio designs for outdoor spaces

Source : Pinterest

Glass Patio Rooms in Frontyard

Glass patio rooms in front yard

Source : Pinterest

Backyard and Patio Lighting Projects

Backyard and patio lighting projects

Source : Pinterest

Back Patio Ideas with Sofa and Lamps Decoration

Back patio ideas with sofa and lamps decoration

Source : Pinterest

Amazing Outdoor Fireplace Designs in Frontyard

Amazing outdoor fireplace designs in front yard

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