Some people say that spring is the most beautiful season of the year. It means it is a great time for pouring all of the kids’ cute-but-brilliant ideas out that have been visualized in their heads. There is a bunch of crafts they can make to match the flowery and colorful spring vibes. These five simple DIY spring craft idea for kids are worth a try.

1. Fun Easter Egg Craft

To make Easter egg hunt more fun, make the eggs cooler but also prettier with watercolor before putting in the chocolates. Try to mix and match the soft pastel colors: pink, baby blue, mauve, or peach. The soothing but colorful painted eggs make the hunt way more fun as the kids anticipate what’s inside the eggs.

Hedgehog easter egg craft. Not only cute but also playful to make. For your kids who actually want the best egg craft for this easter. Then, let’s try it.
Clay egg craft. For those who like to play with creativity, this one is the best part. Although, look so simple but made the little ball in the egg easter not too easy.
Easter bunny egg. Looking some cute one ? like an easter bunny egg this one. Two different color also with some accessories that complete the art.

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2. Pretty Bug Stickers

Kids can make their own stuff like stationery a lot brighter by sticking colorful printed butterfly, bee, fly, ladybug, or firefly stickers into them. With pretty stationery in their bags, going to school feels like a catwalk.

Easy and fun caterpillar craft sticker. Kids never satisfied with just one amazing craft. They will be made some sticker craft as well they wish. Like the caterpillar craft sticker, look cute and creativity.

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Butterfly always awesome as well. We love made some cute one like the kids play. The butterfly sticker that is the kids as a made, very impressive.

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Flying bee, It’s little bit scary but cute as well. The kids will be love to make it into sticker craft. Why so, because it’s look stunning and eye catching.

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3. Spring-themed Postcards

This may be the most simple DIY spring craft idea for kids because all you need are just watercolor and its brush (don’t forget the postcards, of course). The kids can color the postcard cover all they want with pastel color palette. The adorable postcards will surely make whoever receives it swoons.

Hand flowers with glitters. Look so creative one also easy to make by the kids. It’s colorful to play with, and dominated by purple color.
Tulips flower craft postcard. Cheerful-look postcard with this craft, make the different postcard with this one idea. Look so creative and adorable.
Fork flower craft postcard idea. You might be never thought of this craft that is made from fork. really creative one, and completely awesome.

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4. Flowery Placemat

Make breakfast, lunch, and dinner atmosphere with family more lively with the bright and colorful placemat. The cute and flowery view on the table can also boost kids’ appetite as well as put a big smile on parent’s face. Use flannel or polyester for the main material to make it washable.  

Flower art will be stunning look in the black color. Like this one, the flowery placemat look stunning one in your dinning table. Make your kids happy with this craft.
Mermaid placemat really attractive. Not only that but also make your kids really love with. In dinner, lunch, or breakfast it will fun your kids anytime.

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Living flower pressed into placemat. The clear placemat is awesome, in additional with flower make it look beautiful. Your kids will be love it.

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5. Park-themed Decorated Bedroom

Teach the kids to be creative by decorating their bedrooms. Various ideas can be poured into the bedroom, such as birds that hang on the door, cherry blossoms and flowers being stuck on the wall, ladybug stickers on the closet, and many more. With vibrant and festive decorations, they can liven up their imagination and help kids’ development.

Forest park-themed for your kids bedroom decoration. Giving the kids back to nature education with this decoration idea. The green decoration also make the room look cold and lovely comfy.

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Dinosaur theme-park bedroom decoration for your kids. This one are suitable for boys room, which is make the kids imagination come true by this decoration, too.

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Circus theme-park bedroom decoration. It’s perfect also joyful to have this decor in your kids room. Besides the funny decor instead make your kids happy, too.

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The DIY spring craft idea for kids above are some references to make spring season a lot more pleasant and joyous. The ideas stored in kids’ heads can always be poured into something captivating.

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