Often handmade and DIY-ed, a friendship bracelet is a cute way to unofficially ‘declare’ your friendship with your best friend. What’s more fun is that there aren’t any set rules on how to DIY, wear, and display them. You can decorate the friendship bracelet according to your own unique style and give it to your best friend for remembrance in the long run.

Whether you receive or want to make more than one friendship bracelet, let’s look at 5 interesting ideas on how to display DIY friendship bracelet on your arms, ankles, to bottles!

1. Color-coordinated Double

Letter beads are probably one of the cutest and meaningful DIY friendship bracelets. Simply take one letter beads bracelet and stack it with a triple-colored bracelet that is color-coordinated. It will make the beads pop and complement the bracelets subtly.

Awesome letter beads bracelet with artificial pearl. Look awesome for you to wearing this bracelet also show up your beauty.

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Single letter beads bracelet with colorful beads. Seem matching in your hand, not only that but also will giving you beauty instead.

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Three bracelet which one have turtle-shaped bead, and the other have letter beads. Look so amazing also it’s giving you best accessories in your hand.

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2. Multiple Thins

If you love multiple bracelets on your arms, this might just be the perfect way to display your DIY friendship bracelet. With thin beads mixing two to three colors, stack them together to create a fun and colorful look.

The colors don’t have to be color-coordinated since each of the bracelets are thin, making the colors mesh together effortlessly.

Thin beaded bracelet with various style and look so amazing in your hand. First it’s fit in your hand, Second it’s pretty in your hand.
Various thin beaded bracelets on your hands, look to enhance the appearance of your hands. Not only that but also giving you beauty in every day.

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Thin sea-themed bracelet with beautiful anchor and starfish hangers. It is suitable for you to wear and add to your appearance to be attractive.

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3. Simple Ankle-wrap

Feeling a little boho? You can mix two DIY friendship bracelets of plain colors and wrap them around your ankle. They can be as simple as black and white, green and yellow, and other complimenting colors.

This way of displaying your bracelet will make it look effortlessly cool and natural.

A cute anklet with a simple design also only adds two beads to the ends. It’s make your ankle look pretty instead.

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Braided ankle bracelets look so impressive, not only that but also make your feet look attractive by wearing these accessories.

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Anklet with several beads filled every few distances. Makes it very easy and very creative for you to use. Make your feet not boring to look at.

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4. Bottle Accessories

Nobody is forcing you to display your friendship bracelet on your arms only, right? There are no rules for that. So, get creative, collect those DIY friendship bracelets, and uniquely display by hooking the bracelets to your water bottle.

Take it to the beach, take a snap-shot, and your friendship is forever to reminisce.  

Pink accent bracelets tied in your white bottle, in addition to beautifying your bottle. It is also useful to indicate that you own this bottle.
Orange bottle with orange beaded bracelet are look so charming one. For additional your accessories into your bottle, it’s will be good idea too.
Rainbow bracelet to tie to your bottle as an additional accessory, in addition to adding a beautiful impression to the bottle also gives a sign that this bottle is yours.

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5. Ankle Chain

Unlike the previous style of ‘Simple Ankle-wrap’, this particular display style of your DIY friendship bracelet borrows a more classic and organized feel to the ankle. With the sparse distance between each bracelet, add pendants to the beads, and now you are ready to show it off.

Chic ankle chain for you who love simply and beauty at the same time. It’s easy to do by yourself also good accessories in your ankle.
Twin ankle chain with little rhinestone look impressive one. Wearing this in both of your ankles, make you look awesome also pretty one.
Indian ankle chain with little bells are awesome for you to wearing this accessories. Make some sound every you walk and every one will be catch you up.

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Those were the 5 interesting ideas on how to display DIY friendship bracelet. There is no limit to it. Share this article with your best friend and compete to plan your way of displaying the bracelet.

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