Knowing how to pair statement pieces with your clothing is the key to looking the way you want, in this case, looking chic in the Springtime. Out of the many statement pieces out there, one of the most sought after is a headband since it adds a touch of a lovely aura.

Therefore, let’s take a look at 5 DIY Spring headbands you can wear to look chic!

1. The Bow-tie

Going out in the sunny Springtime in a colorful sundress sounds so much fun. Complete the look by adding the bow-tie Springtime headband. Tie your hair up into a bun, wrap it with your dyed spring headband. You can tone down the colorful sundress by choosing a natural colored bow-tie headband.

Orange headband it’s perfect for your springtime. Why so ? because the color is so fun and attractive in your head.
You need a neutral color ? so, i have a good choice for your headbands. Like this one, light grey color headband gave you simple look also calming.

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Funky headbands, look at this one! It’s funny isn’t. So, i wish you have it too . The pink color headband tied your high bun hairstyle. It’s perfect style for welcoming your spring like a bloom flower, too.

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2. Silky White

Looking expensive and casual at the same time, why not? Achieve the look by letting your hair down and add the silky white Spring headband on top of the middle section of your hair.

White is never flat. In other word your white headband is not too boring one. Decorated with some little sketch on it, much better then none. Happy spring season by wearing this!

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Want to look simple but elegant ? this is it, the white color. The headband look elegant also simple with white basic color and little touch of polka-dot black.

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Knitted white headband ? why not. This awesome flower-shape knitted headband that is perfect for you too. In spring season, it’s look stunning.

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This look promises a confidence-boost, feeling the energy of Springtime both externally and internally. 

3. Velvet Green

If you are ever invited to an evening party in Spring, the velvet green DIY Spring headband would most definitely be the best choice of piece. It is a statement of elegance and grace while giving a fun glow through the velvet material. 

Green color is like nature. For example, this green headband impress the nature for welcoming spring season. You’ll be like to wearing this because it’s make you cheer up all day.
Unique model headbands. Look so greenes like the springtime. Perfect for you who love nature also have a high passion on this spring.
The headband with flower-shape. Cute also perfect one to wear this in your head. Make you look so charming for everyone look at.

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4. Pearly White

One of the most desired looks is the well-groomed and put-together style. This can be achieved through a lot of color combinations and styling piece. With a spring headband, however, you can arrive at the peak of beauty with a pearly white headband.

Awesome headband with white flower-shape. Perfect for your wedding in spring time. Not only that but you can wearing this every time,too.
Make a pretty look by wearing this impressive white headband. In fact, this will be additional your accessories in head either earrings or etc.
Minimalist budget but you want something pretty in your head? try this one. cut used lace fabric to be your headband like this picture.

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This lets you steal attention as you walk gracefully with that bright red lipstick.

5. Braided Purple

Statement pieces are sometimes what makes your look so endearing, just like this purple braided hairband. Pair it with a lazy, casual outfit like a light sweater and high-waisted jeans for a chic look.

Pretty chic with the purple headband. Best of all it’s have a flower-shape on it! let’s make this thing by yourself. it’s easy,too.
Awesome purple headband with artificial pearls. Look so good also will be match in your head, too. Happy spring time!
Forget to buy the expensive one, let’s do the simple craft budget friendly like this one. Great purple headband with simple look on your head.

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So, what’s the mood for today? Is it the pearly white headband or the braided purple headband? Share these DIY Spring headbands with your girlfriends and start planning for a DIY session today!

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