Spring is coming! Let’s wear something that harmonious with the season. Hair pin could be a simple thing yet really effective to beautify your look. Then, related to the season, wear hair pin that can reflect the spring in a cheerful way. Don’t waste your money and make your own hair pin by doing the DIY projects. You can even create something that you really love based on your taste and design needs.

The most common design for the spring hairpin is the flower design. You can choose the materials, designs, and colors to meet your need. Talking about the material, felt is the cheap one and also easy to be used to create certain designs. However, if you have the ability in knitting, then you can make the crochet flower hairpin. Besides flowers, you can also make fruit or cute animal design. Don’t forget to use a bright color so that the cheerful and fun impression can be delivered well. Take a look at the DIY spring hairpin design references don below.

To make your look prettier in spring, using hair accessories is an interesting idea. You can make hair tweezers from colored felt. Making flower shapes is the right choice so it will never fail for your spring style. Flower Hair Pints from Sortra.

DIY Hair pins bunny and bird are the perfect choice for your spring style. Try making it using felt pink and blue so it will look cuter in an inexpensive way. Bunny and Bird Hair Pins from Sortra.

DIY White flower pins made of flats look pretty and elegant in spring. You can add a yellow button in the middle as an accessory so that it will look more perfect. DIY White Flower Pins from Sortra.

The black hair pins decorated with artificial flowers look beautiful and are perfect for a spring style. You can make flowers using red felt and mint and then attach them to black hair pins so they will look really beautiful and creative. Flower Hair Pins from Thecrafttrain.

You can make flowers using colorful fabrics to decorate your hair pins. Then sticking them on your hair pins will make them look pretty and perfect for your spring style. Choosing flowers in yellow, red and blue will never fail in spring. Colorful Fabric Flower Hair Pins from Mysewingbox.

Flower hair pins are the perfect choice to complete your spring style. Trying to make your own flowers from felt is the right idea because it’s easier to make and cheaper. Then you can stick it on the hair pins so that it will look more attractive. White Flower Hair Pins from Thecrafttrain.

DIY crochet flower with spring color looks beautiful and attractive. Sticking them on your hair pins is such an interesting idea that they make a really lovely spring accessory in an easy and cheap way. DIY Crochet Flower Hair Pins from Cynthiabanessa.

Flower hair pins are a simple hair accessory to enhance your spring look. You can make a crochet hair clip with a flower pattern so that it will look more beautiful and your appearance will be more cheerful. Flower hair pins from Thecraftchair.

Doing a DIY hair pin project for spring accessories is an interesting idea. You can make bobby flowers to decorate your hair pins so that it will make it look more beautiful and attractive. Bobby Flowers Hair Pins from Diyprojectsforteens.

Try making felt flowers to complement your spring accessories. Sticking them on hair pins is an idea that will never fail so that you will look even more stunning. Colorful Felt Flower Hair Pins from Freebiefindingmom.

Purple Hair Pins look beautiful and are perfect for spring styling ideas. You can make a purple Crochet flower so it will match your hair pins. Then stick it on your hair pins so that it will become an attractive hair accessory. Purple Hair Pins from Diytomake

Flower ornaments made of fabric look beautiful but still in an easy and cheap way. You can attach it to the hair pins so that it will make your accessories look more attractive and can enhance your appearance. Fabric Flower Hair Pins from Diytomake

To keep your hair pins looking beautiful in the spring, you can add interesting accents. You can make pink and blue pom poms and then stick them on the hair pins to look stunning for your spring accessories. Pom Pom Hair Pins from Diytomake

DIY bunny hair pins made of pink and white felt look beautiful and elegant. You can use it for your hair accessories so that it will make you look cheerful in the spring. Bunny Hair Pins from Topdreamer.

Accessories will enhance your appearance so that it looks more perfect. DIY Bunny hair pins made of felt look cute and interesting. Adding black beads as eyes will make your bunny hair pins look very real and can inspire. Felt Bunny Hair Pins from Liagriffith

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