Ropes are a great invention, and they serve people from ancient times for various purposes. the current use of the rope not only limited as a binder or burden objects, but also as part of the home decor. Ropes offer maritime, rustic, rural charm that makes us want to use them in our homes in a variety of ways. So start creating to beautify the look of your home with rope.

1. Glass Coaster

Why waste money on the market bought smart coasters as you can create them at home? Keep your table dry with rope coasters, they are so easy to make with some help from glue gun and a tutorial from Valley&Co. Lifestyle

2. Caddy Handle

The rope makes the handle more sturdy and thick to hold. They give a beautiful rustic touch to your wooden furniture. You can ask Martha Stewart about the tutorial.

3. Rope Bracelets

You do not have to be a jeweler or buy jewelry to change your style. Martha has a creative idea for this using rope and gold or silver paint.

4. Rope Basket Storage

Create a storage basket from a different set of ropes in shape and size. You can use it to save anything for everything on the table, shelf and even the sideboard and add to your decor. Tutorial guide here

5. Ottoman From Tire

You can turn a tire into a rope ottoman. The look is earthy and modern, and it’s also fun to repurpose a tire in such an unexpected way. Don’t get carried away and place the ottoman inside. The rubber can be toxic to your environment. Check for the tutorial.

6. Doormat

Looking for a way to add personality to the entrance of your home? The rope speaks for itself. They are the perfect ones as they not only save your money but also bring a heartfelt touch to the decor too. So here is the rope made rug that you can easily make yourself at home if you are familiar with the weaving. Tutorial from Martha Stewart

7. Rope Tote Bag

You must be in love with this tote bag. Who would have thought if this beautiful bag is made of rope? Now you can shop in style. Try to make one from Style Me Pretty

8. Room Divider

So instead of buying wood or metal separators you can use the rope for the purpose and create maximum impact with minimum materials and costs. Using a thick rope between the logs, you can create a unique wall to separate your space with a touch of rustic elegance. The Brick House will tell you how to make it.

9. Rope Lighting

If you have long long wooden lights on your dining table then it’s time to change them and give a more rugged and natural look. All you need to do is reapply in a simple and fun way, just grab the braided rope and turn around the lights and disassembly your dining room lights by adding texture and vibration. Take full details here homerejuvenation

10. Friendship Necklace

Give yourself a boho look with these totally unique and fun rope made necklaces with different colors. These cute and funky rope necklaces are also a heartfelt gift on the friendship day too. So do learn to make them here honestlywtf

11. Hanging Shelf

A simple method for adding some storage to a room is by building hanging rope shelves. Use paint to decorate both the shelves and the ropes and feel free to use any kind of rope you want. Sisal rope works well if you prefer a rustic look.

12. Colorful Rope Basket

This colorful basket you can use widely, from storing knick-knacks to potted plants. You can wear whatever color you like and make the pattern symmetrical or let it random. You can find the tutorial from Design Sponge.

Original article and pictures by : Brit. Co

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