Walking around the garden will be more astonishing if we go through a pathway.  This makes us easy to walk while seeing wonderful view.  Make our house more beautiful by making suitable pathway. Here are some pathway designs to try:

  1. Granite Pathway

Granite pathway

Enjoy your walking on this pathway that leads you in front of your house. This unique pathway only uses common pavers and leftover granite. Hence, you can see the result will be greater than your expectation.

  1. Wood Slice Walkway

Wood slice walkway

This pathway pattern will make you see the nature of life. It uses wood logs and some rock which placed together. This garden path can be one of pathway designs for your beautiful house.

  1. Pebble Mosaic Pathway

Pebble mosaic pathway

Anyone who walks through this pebble mosaic will be attracted by this different style. Choose colorful pebble to make mosaic pattern for your pathway. Arrange the pebble as like as you want to make a new design.

  1. Stone Walkway

Stone walkway (cobblestone effect)

Another design for beautify your garden. The use of cobblestone will lead whoever walk through this pathway will be amused by the pattern. It needs much more effort to make but you will be surprised by the result.

  1. Wood Chips Pathway

Wood chips pathway

Wood chips can be one of the alternatives to substitute gravel of pebble. This is good for defense heavy food traffic. Combine wood chips with bricks or small stone will be better idea.

  1. Concrete Walkway with Brick Edging

oncrete walkway with brick edging

Though this pathway style is most usual pattern that already use by people majority, this is still applicable anywhere. Try to make it different by adding some brick inside this pathway. This maybe fit to the one who live in a small town.

  1. Brick Pathway

Brick pathway

The easiest way to make pathway is by using brick as the material. Create amazing pattern pathway by using bricks will make you more creative. This idea will be better to be used in a garden which has many flowers.

  1. Stone Step Path

Stone step path

This may be looked as a complicated pathway pattern. This pattern uses stone riser to create level step while flagstone also. Using stone step path pattern will bring natural beauty to your house.

  1. Pallet Walkway

Pallet walkway

Once more, a great pattern of pathway that will give you house natural looked. This wooden pallet asks you to feel earthy. Arrange the wood in front of your door and enjoy walking through this beautiful design.

  1. Planted Path

Planted path

It doesn’t need much more effort to make this pathway pattern. You only need stone; you can use flagstone or others, with different size. Place one by one along the path till it come to your terrace or door.

  1. Mulch and Stone Path

Mulch and stone path

The uses of flat stone make the way of making pathway easier. You don’t need to dig deeper. It only asks you to lay the flat stone along with your desired path.  Make a little bit more space to create attracted pathway look.


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