Wearing the accessories that represent the spring season is really interesting because it has a fresh and fun impression. Imagine that you can beautify yourself with pretty floral things and other colorful stuff. When talking about the accessories, there will be so many things that you can have such as a hairpin, necklace, scarf, hat, and more. To really fulfill your needs and taste, you can have those spring accessories by doing DIY projects. Need some ideas? Here we’ll give you the references.


Crown is one of the hair accessories that will enhance your appearance. You can make it yourself at home to show your creativity. Using flowers collected from the garden and stringing them with ribbons will make a beautiful crown and make your spring style look stunning. Make your spring style look beautiful. Flower Crown from Diyprojects.

Hair Pin

Black hair pins with flower decoration look attractive for spring style. You can make flowers out of fabric so it will be cheaper and easier to make. Then attach it to your black hair pins so that it will look more beautiful and attractive. Fabric Flower Hair Pins from Diytomake.


Flower necklace is one of the accessories that is suitable for your spring look. Making flowers out of white lace is an interesting idea so it’s cheaper. Then you can attach it to the necklace so that it will be attractive and look trendy in the spring. Lace Flower Necklace from Easydiyandcrafts.


DIY Bracelet made of colorful rubber looks attractive and is perfect for spring. You can make it into a flower shape so that it looks more beautiful. Then join the two ends using a white hook so it will make a creative looking bracelet. Colorful Flower Bracelet from Wonderfuldiy.


You can use accessories to enhance your appearance in spring. DIY floral accents made of colorful felt look great to complement your accessories. Sticking DIY felt flowers on rings will make your spring accessories look more beautiful and inspiring. Felt Flower Ring from Diyprojectsforteens.


DIY flower earring is one of those accessories that will never fail for your spring style. Making flower earrings from fabric looks easy and cheaper so you can try it. Adding a button in the middle of the flower will make your earring look more perfect. DIY Flower Earring from Thecraftingnook.


Adding floral accents to create a spring scarf is a great idea to complement your accessories. Flowers made from pink felt are easy to make but still at a low cost. You can glue it on the scarf in a hook so it will make a scarf that looks perfect in spring. DIY Spring Scarf from Decoratorist.


DIY spring kid hat with paper accent will make your spring accessories look attractive. You can make flowers out of paper and attach them to the top of the hat for a lovely spring look. Adding faux grass will give it a fresh look making it perfect for spring. Spring Hat from Livinghours.


DIY headband is one of the interesting ideas to complete your spring look. Using a piece of cloth to make a flower headband is an interesting idea. You can make some flowers out of cheesecloth and attach them to the headband using glue so that it will look more beautiful. Flower Headband from Diyprojects.

Hair Tie

You can make accessories to enhance your spring style so that it looks more attractive. Crochet flower hair ties are an interesting idea because they are easy to make and look pretty. You can add fake pearls in the middle so that your hair tie will look more perfect and make you look very beautiful. Crochet Flower Hair Tie from Diytomake.

All the ideas are complete enough for your spring look this year. So, what accessory do you want to make first?

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