These days, having baby photo shoot is quite popular. Parents are trying to create memory even since the baby born. However, to ask for the professional service is quite expensive so that it is better for you to do it your self. For the camera, simply use your mobile phone camera because nowadays the camera technology has been increasing so well. It even can create good quality pictures just like the real camera do.

In hence, you should consider on the photo shoot spot decoration to make it proper enough. In addition, the good decoration can also make your photo shoot looks like the real professional photo shoot result. To make it proper, you can use some ornament that already exist in your home. Anyway, before we move to the next discussion, please look at the following photo shoot sessions.

Santa Theme

Santa theme is definitely awesome for your baby boy. It because Santa is a really warm figure so that it could bring the warm and peaceful impression for your baby. Moreover, look at how cute your baby is. It even make you feel like looking at the heaven because of its peaceful view.

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Sparkling Theme

Like wise the Santa theme, this one is also able to bring out the peaceful atmosphere. It is because the lighting and the bell ornament used are quite similar with what the Christmas have. In this case, the difference is on the gender flexibility since you can apply it for your baby boy or girl.

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Simple Yet Pretty

Sometimes, you don’t need to be extra to look adorable. In this case, the cute little things even more effective to create the pretty look. Just like what we have here, it is just a simple red and white decoration theme. Whereas, it is able to bring out the cuteness into your baby girl. Here, the headband with pretty roses become the vocal point.

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Christmas Theme

It is no doubt that Christmas is a holy moment so that it is quite worthy to have it as the theme. The pure soul of the babies fit well with Christmas to create such wonderful pictures. Here, you can decorate the photo shoot venue with Christmas colors such as red, white, and green.

Shimmering Baby

This shimmering baby photo shoot decoration is gorgeous for your baby girl. Here, you can use some colorful and sparkling ball and bell. Add with proper lighting to make the ornament works well. Don’t forget with headband to add beauty for your baby.

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Fall Theme

Fall season where the colorful things come up can be worthy too to be the theme. In this case, you know that nature can always be able to bring such a warm and peaceful atmosphere. Because of that, the foliage, fruits, grain can be the best ornament choice for this theme.


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Calm Modern Theme

Comparing with previous designs, this one might be quite different. Here, modern design is the choice where simplicity adopted. Anyway, for the decoration you can use things available in your home such as greenery, watch, ruler, and more. For the pad, use white warm rug to really comfort your baby.

Pretty Classic Theme

Look at how pretty this decoration! Moreover, it is also really worthy since you only need fabric as the decoration material. Simply arrange it to form the ‘LOVE’ word. Then, add it with flowers to beautify the decoration. This decoration will fit for your baby girl.

image source

The decoration designs of our references above are really worthy. It is because of the easy and cheap material as you can find it in your home. Moreover, the decoration arrangement is also easy so that you won’t get any trouble to do it. The most important part of this is that you should do it in the right moment where your baby has a good mood. That will be really important because when your baby is cranky your photo shoot will fail.

For the decoration, if you want to make sure that your baby are secure you can use baskets. Besides, your baby won’t have too much movement that will make your photo shoot process goes smoothly. Next, to sweetener the decoration, don’t forget with the ornament. You can add it with colorful things to make it looks cheerful. Furthermore, some greenery will also give the warm peaceful atmosphere into the pictures.

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