Having living wall is not a new thing at this modern era. Moreover, this garden design already done by our ancient for long time ago. However, this garden idea still being used in every age of live. It changes the view and gives impression towards our house. Here are some living wall inspirations for you;

Vertical Garden Succulent Wall Panels                                                           Vertical garden succulent wall panels

Imagine your wall will be look more astounding by this wall planting. Succulent is the best planter to make your wall more natural. It doesn’t need much more maintenance. Hence, you need to take a look once a week and water it as needed.

Living Wall Installation

Living wall installation

Bring your room back to nature by applying this living wall installation. Look at the planter which grows fresh in front of your bed room. Just pretend that you are live in a greenery house with plants in every single room.

Modern Look Living Wall

Modern look living wall

This Living Wall gives your house modern look which is so elegant. Here, you are pleased to plant succulent to create different view. This plant is stunning to be used as living wall. The reason is because these plants are easy to be cured.

Old Wooden Crate Living Wall

Old wooden crate living wall

Old wooden crate can be transformed into a gorgeous living wall like the picture. You have to prepare salvaged soda crate, chicken wire, fine mixture of highly absorbent soil to make this fabulous living wall. Plant some succulents or pencil cactus and even both of them at this wooden crate is good idea.

Indoor Living Wall Kits

Indoor living wall kits

They look so amazing on your wall, aren’t they? With these three or more wall kits you can plants any kinds of planters such as succulents, pencil cactus, orchid, or any flowers you like. By this living wall kits, let your house look fresh and natural.

Living Wall from Vintage Frame

Living wall from vintage frame

It is not only photo picture which used vintage frame but also plants. This inspiring idea will bring you to create another kind of planters beside succulents. You are pleased to create your own garden wall, but make sure to maintain it well along different season.

Hanging Flower Box Living Wall

Hanging flower box living wall

This is more cheerful. It can be placed indoor and or outdoor. The colors of plants make this hanging flower box look wonderful. Though, this project will need more time but the result will not make you disappointed. Just try it soon!

Living Wall Crafted From a Shipping Pallet

Living wall crafted from a shipping pallet

You have to pay attention maintaining this living wall. Make sure that you put it at the right place which makes you easy to water the plants. Then, let this living wall has enough sun shine to make the plants still growing.

Wooden Pallet Grand Living Wall

Wooden pallet grand living wall

This is super amazing look of living wall ever! It is not only whimsical pattern but also look stunning cloak of greenery. You must have basic DIY skill and follow the right instruction to make this wooden pallet living wall. However, you will not being upset of the result.


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