Gardening is a favorite thing to do when spring comes. Make your garden more fun by adding beautiful decorations in it. One of the easiest ways to decorate your outdoor space on a budget is to create a DIY garden craft. The idea of homemade gardening is much more fun than anything you can buy at the store because they are unique and personal to your taste.

Topsy Turvy Flower Planter

A few terra cotta pots, some rebar and a couple of hours of time are all you need to build this amazing topsy turvey planter. This is definitely going to add some style and design to your garden and it is really easy to build.

Garden Stones

If you shatter a favorite plate on the floor, don’t throw away the pieces. Use it to make these charming stepping stones. They are incredibly easy to make with a cake pan and a bag of concrete. The finished result is a garden path that is all your own unique design.

Vertical Garden

This DIY vertical garden is made from chicken wire for a fun, quirky touch. It’s simple to build and provides much needed greenery to any corner of your backyard. This is a fun alternative to a traditional fence if you want a little privacy when you are outdoors.

Bird Bath

You can DIY this planter that doubles as a bird bath in just a couple of hours. It is made with a large and a smaller planter. The smaller planter holds water for your birds and the larger planter holds beautiful blooms to make this the most gorgeous DIY bird bath ever.

Garden Mushrooms

Kitchen pans and bowls that are well past their prime as cookware can be given a second life in your garden as adorable toadstools. There is practically nothing cuter than little red capped mushrooms peeping out from greenery in your yard.

Flower Pot Bird Feeder

This bird feeder made from terra cotta containers is the perfect look for someone who prefers simple, neutral garden decor. The bird feeder is simple to construct and the end result is a beautiful place for birds to gather. As an added bonus, the opening is too small for crafty squirrels to steal a snack.

Ottoman Chair

Old tires can easily be made into comfortable outdoor ottomans. Simply wrap the tires in rope to make a seating surface, then coil rope around them for a fun, nautical look.

Beaded Wind Chimes

Add some extra jingle and sparkle to your backyard this year with a handmade beaded wind chime. The gentle clinking of wind chimes brings to mind open windows, blowing curtains and a soft spring breeze. This porch ornament is a stylish way to add sound to your garden.

Watering Can Decoration

This watering can décor is so easy to make and you will love showcasing it in your garden. It “pours” crystals, and is perfect for putting in your flower garden or near a garden pond.

Moss Grafity

This exciting project will have all of your friends wondering how you did it. Pick a cool and shady corner to grow your moss letters. Make a moss blend with beer, sugar, and moss. Paint it onto your wall in the letter shapes you want. This project will definitely be notice.

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