To decorate your home based on the season is something common. It is because each season has its own characteristic and spirit that should be appreciated. Moreover, if you can bring the spirit of each season into your home, you can really feel the atmosphere of it. In this case, when winter comes, to bring the spirit of winter into your home is so much worthy.

You know that in winter, you can’t enjoy your outdoor activity too much. It is because the weather will be too cold sometimes. Here, you can give the winter touches into your home so that you can enjoy the winter atmosphere inside your house. The amazing thing of it is that when you have the lack of budget, you can make the DIY of it. Here we will show you some DIY ideas to give you references.

Wooden Pallet

The Snowman, which is made using wooden pallet material, will present a perfect rustic look. Displaying it by leaning it on the wall will allow it to be exposed perfectly and succeed in inspiring. Wooden Pallet Snowman from @heathermcmullin23.

Beautiful Winter Wreath

Evergreen and pine cones strung into a wreath are a never-failing winter decorating idea. The creator outfitted it with a red bow and dusted it with white powder for the perfect snowy effect. Snowy Wreath from @lynettes_wreaths.

Christmas Terrarium Decoration

This Christmas terrarium was made with a DIY project using a red Christmas ball, reindeer, Christmas gift Ornament and String light so it looks very festive. The creator equipped it with faux snow so that it would make it look absolutely perfect. Red Christmas Ball Terrarium from @jujennifer.

Winter Terrarium Decoration

Take a look at the image above. This winter terrarium has a ginger house theme so it will look more attractive. Equipped with a white fairy light winter terrarium, it will bring a beautiful appearance and make it more lively. Ginger House Terrarium from @auraukiwi.

Pine Cones Decoration

This penguin craft is made using pinecone so it looks unique and different from usual. The creator used popsicle sticks to make the wings and kiki so they look more real. Pinecone Penguin Craft from

Snow Decoration with Glass Jar

This jar lantern looks perfect in winter. Coated with faux snow will give it the perfect snowy look. Slice citrus and cinnamon accents will make this jar lantern look prettier and more attractive. Snowy Jar Lantern from @these_reveries.

Snowman Craft Decoration

This snowman craft made using paper looks simple but still interesting. Equipped with a black hat and red scarf will make it look more beautiful and festive. This snowman craft idea managed to steal the show. Paper Snowman from @2kidsandacoupon.

Boho Winter Decoration

You can use this macramé to line vases so it will present a perfect boho look in winter. Arrange the evergreen arrangement in a vase so that it will present a beautiful and different look this winter. Macramé Covered Vase from @knottingisimpossible.

Rustic Wooden Sign

This winter sign is made using wood material without paint so it succeeds in presenting a perfect rustic look. Displayed at the front door will make it a winter greeting that can steal the show. Vertical Wooden Sign from @porch_decor.

Colorful Scarf Wreath


Unique and very creative. This Wreath is made using a knit scarf so it will present a unique and different look than usual. Having a colorful theme will make it stand out and inspire this winter. Front Door Wreath from @schellbell42.

From all of the craft ideas above it can be divided into the hanging and something that put on the table. For the hanging crafts, the wreath might be the most common for the decoration. Basically you can have your another wreath ideas as long as you keep the winter impression into your wreath. For your consideration, have it in winter color like white and the material that represent the winter spirit.

For the decoration that put on the table, it won’t be far from the Christmas tree, snowman, and other snowing things. So that here, you should use mostly white color to give the snowing impression. For the material it self, you can adjust it based on your budget. Basically all that we’ve served above are really affordable and can be found in your home. In case you have the other stuffs that you think you can use, then simply utilize it.

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