Don’t waste your weekend or holiday time for doing nothing. Hence, you can do some wonderful projects to make new design for your house. Creating DIY headboard is one of recommended holiday projects that will change your house. This project is quite easy but need more time to do. Here are some headboard designs that will inspire you;

Farmhouse Headboard

Farmhouse headboard


Let yourself lying down on the bed to take more rest after working a long day. This bed look so special because of the headboard made from wooden pallet. It is easy and inexpensive. So, you can make it by yourself with little budget.

DIY Barn Door Headboard

Diy barn door headboard


Do this project along with your father at this weekend. You need to have basic carpentry skill to make this incredible headboard. You only need to prepare wood and some carpentry tools and finish this project for about eight hours all.

Diamond Tufted Headboard

Diamond tufted headboard


Making this diamond tufted headboard need more time, but the result will be amazing. You have to prepare page board, foam, broom, and carpentry tools completely. Do this project at holiday, because it will longer time to finish.

DIY Oversized Woven Headboard from Vertical Blinds

Diy oversized woven headboard from vertical blinds


It looks wonderful at night with the two chandeliers at each side. Actually, this design doesn’t cost much, need more time to finish. Moreover, you need someone help to make this oversized woven headboard as your desire.

Copper Pipe and Pillow Headboard

Copper pipe and pillow headboard


Using pipe and pillow will give you unbelievable DIY headboard result. Take a look at the picture, with two pillows and a pipe your headboard already changed into this elegant style. You are pleased to make the same design at different color as well.

Tile and Wood Headboard

Tile and wood headboard


You will love this design, especially for your children bed room. Look at the tile and wood which is matched with the room decoration. Even, the ornament on the wall makes this headboard more impressive for this cheerful bedroom.

Headboard Children Room

Headboard children room


This 3D headboard looks pretty for your daughter and cool for your son. You can change the color as your child want. You will spend lot of hours to finish this project. So, it will better for you to do this DIY headboard children room at long holiday.

Picket Fence Headboard

Picket fence headboard


Get this great rustic headboard for your bedroom. Give industrial touch with two metallic chandeliers at each side. The wooden headboard will look so tremendous. Have this headboard style soon by doing some simple step with your partner.

Macrame Headboard

Macramé headboard


It looks simple but charming. Putting macrame as headboard is not bad idea. Moreover, it makes your room look sweet and friendly. The used of wooden hang on the wall make this style works well for traditional house style.

Cedar Shingle Headboard

Cedar shingle headboard


Try this style for your bedroom soon. You will feel like in a hotel with unique headboard style. You only have to cut your page board into some pieces of rectangular woods. Then, arrange them as the headboard of your bedroom.










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