Coin Bank may become something that doesn’t have any meaning for us but it will be works for your kids. It is something that can give such a positive education for your kids not to have a wasteful habit. You can persuade them to set aside their money and save it into the coin bank. You don’t need to force them to save too much because the point here is the habit that need to be build not the number.

The other interesting thing for the coin bank is that it is really possible for you to make your own coin bank by making the DIY project of it. You can make it with your kids so that you can get double advantages because kids are always love to create something especially if that is related to things that can be functioned because that is really make them proud. Besides, don’t forget that DIY can give them chance to express their imagination.

Map Cover

Those piggy banks are made from old jars that covered with map to make those piggy banks look more interesting. Piggy bank idea is a way for children to be more passionate about saving. Especially with the map piggy bank design where you can give them experience of places at the same time.


In this part, you can make unicorn piggy bank craft with attractive color combinations. This unicorn design is intended to make children more interested in saving. Coupled with colorful shades make this piggy bank even more funny.


Those are cool piggy bank designs for boys. With the superhero designs your child might be more interested in saving. You can make this by yourself with a jar and spray paint to make it more perfect.

Pretty Glamorous

We made this elegant piggy bank by using pretty color glitter to make a beauty impression on this piggy bank. We added pink color combination to make this piggy bank more eye catching, so that children are more eager to use it.


This design is such a cute design for coin bank that can make your child prefer to save. This is minions design that must be loved by the children because it becomes something hype nowadays. With this cute piggy bank design your child will love it. We make this with jars, paint, and some other additional materials.

Gold Mickey

This Mickey Mouse piggy bank can be a recommendation for your child who prefers to save. Because Mickey Mouse piggy bank is cute and might be acceptable for children. We combine the gold color on the top lid to make it more elegant.

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Mickey Mouse and Minnie

Piggy bank from a jar with mickey mouse design and polka dots pattern will make your child like to save. Red piggy bank combined with black and white will make the piggy bank more perfect. And kids will love it.

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This is an example of a piggy bank that is very cute and definitely loved by children. This piggy bank is made with a variety of colorful paper that will make this piggy bank easy to make and cheap as well. If you want to make a piggy bank for your child this is a very recommended example.

Boho Design

This is a very cute piggy bank. This piggy bank is made from old Formula cans combined with decorative fabric, ribbons, and a dollar sign to make a beautiful sized piggy bank. Go try to create it!


This cute piggy bank is the best way to reuse empty tissue boxes and to restore the child’s habit of saving. In this way children must be very eager to save. In addition, the pink color matches the piggy bank.

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The pictures above show you some DIY coin bank designs those are really interesting and will be loved by your kids. The designs are consist of several different types from the cute one, cool, and even pretty with the glittery stuff that cover your kids choices based on their different characteristics and gender. Make sure that discuss the design first with your kids so that they will really into it.

If you see the coin bank designs that we have served, you can notice that there are some different kinds of materials that used which are based on the designs. Commonly the designs are using paint to draw the pictures and color them. Whereas, you can also use fabric or paper by preparing the glue as well. Another ornament will also needed just based on the designs. Prepare your coin bank project by adapting the pictures designs above. Have fun!

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