Christmas is near! Are you ready for Christmas? Christmas is usually synonymous with unique ornaments. Whether it’s a Christmas tree ornament or Christmas decorations at home. Well, it will be more meaningful if we can make the ornaments themselves. Obviously with modest materials, simple but, still interesting. One of the materials that can be made for Christmas DIY decorations is a Popsicle stick. You can use this material to make Christmas signs, hanging decorations, lego, and so on.

Popsicle sticks have many uses. Besides being used as a handle, ice cream sticks are also often used by students to make works from crafts. Christmas sign that can be made using Popsicle sticks is a Christmas sign. This decoration is easy to make and will look great if it has colors that reflect the Christmas atmosphere. You can put this decoration on the wall or door of the house to welcome your guests.

Christmas Sign

The idea of ​​a square white craft ornament is very simple. It is made from ice cream sticks cut into pieces and put together using glue. And decorated using red writing that makes it more colorful.

Craft by using green and red ice cream sticks look beautiful. Plus a red patterned paper decoration as a complement. Usually used on Christmas trees to perfect decorations

Christmas Tree

Crafts use ice cream sticks that are shaped like a nice Christmas tree. Combined with colorful paint and small accessories that look sparkling. The ornament is used for home decoration and a complement to your home

Angel Craft

Crafts shaped like angels that look beautiful. Colored with white hair color, yellow, and charming white wings. This craft is made from used which is an ice cream stick

Deer Head

DIY crafts with simple brown sticks. With a box shape and plus a cool white deer headdress. This very strong ornament is used for Christmas trees as a decoration

Santa Claus Craft

DIY crafts shaped like a cute Santa Claus. Combined with white and red that look harmonious. This craft is made of sticks and as a beautiful Christmas tree decoration

Sled Craft

DIY craft using ice cream sticks that are cut into small pieces. Assembled ornament shaped like a skateboard that is colored gray and black and white stripes that look cool. This craft is used on the Christmas tree by hanging

Christmas Hat

Crafts use used ice cream sticks that are cut into pieces according to their uses. With shaped like a hat that is painted black and additional accessories that look cute red button. This decoration is used as an enhancer of the beauty of the Christmas tree

Lego Craft

Colorful DIY craft that looks attractive. This craft is made of used scrap sticks that are shaped to resemble people who have high posture and wear black hats. This craft is very cool if used on a lively Christmas tree

Star wash

DIY crafts that shaped like a hero in the movie Star Wars. This study was made using cut and cut delivery sticks. Then added with black and white which makes the craft look cool.

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Only by using Popsicle sticks, you can already create various forms of crafts. And also decoration made of this material has high artistic value. You can also use paints, markers, etc. to beautify the results of your craft products. Or you can also combine this item with other materials such as ribbons, shirt buttons, straps and so on.

Thus some ideas about making crafts from ice cream stick that you can make to enliven your Christmas celebration. And now you can start to show your abilities and creativity by making various interesting works from ice cream sticks. This material is easy to find and also easy to make works of art that are suitable for you. So, let’s be more creative by creating stunning works of art that are easily found.

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