Murphy bed may become one of the solutions for you who only have a small bedroom. This murphy bed also occurs to be set at your home office. Make sure, you have enough material to make this project. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost much. Here are some murphy bed ideas for you to save space;

Green Storage Cabinets with a Bed Inside

Have you ever think that on this green storage cabinet you will see a bed? Here is a murphy bed for a small bedroom which will help you to save space.

Murphy Bed Idea for an Office Space

Do you feel tired after a long day finishing your work? It is time for you to lie down on a cozy bed. Take are rest and get a better dream.

A Wooden Murphy Bed Within a Bookshelf

Lie down at the bed while reading your favorite book may be the best activity you like. Having a murphy bed which is in one with a bookcase is a great thing for you.

Wooden Hatch with a Queen-Sized Bed

If you only have small bedroom but want to have queen-sized bed, you can make this wooden hatch murphy bed. Make sure you have a good carpentry skill before follow the steps.

Twin Bunks That Stow Away

This is good for the one who has two children with only few rooms. Have two murpy bed also help you to give a proper bed for your children. You can close at morning to make your room clean and looks larger.

Mantle by Day, Murphy Bed by Night

How about this? It can be a mantle at day and murphy bed at night. The design looks simple and easy to make. Your room will look tidy and fresh.

Tall Cabinet with a Murphy Bed Front

Having a murphy bed in a form of tall cabinet help you to manipulate space. Just be ready to have a wider space for this murphy bed style.

Rustic Bed Dresser Combination for a Guestroom

A guest will come soon. But, you don’t have even a bed for them? Don’t worry! Try to remodel one of your cabinets to be a rustic murphy bed. Just do this project; it is only need a day to finish.

Pine Murphy Bed Hidden in a Bookshelf

Put on your books, magazine, and novels over the murphy bed. Simply open the muphy bed at night and enjoy reading your favorite book by laying down at this lovely murphy bed.

Ceiling to Floor Storage Unit with Bed

This unit bed is great to be set on your home office room. Your are free to take a rest after doing your office project.




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