How often should you have your bathroom repaired? It’s estimated that homeowners should refurbish a bathroom every 7-10 years. That’s why kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most well-liked choices for domestic renovation projects. Since these two places are used more than any other area in the house, it’s no wonder they require regular maintenance and sometimes even complete refurbishing. So, homeowners often need to learn how to repair their bathrooms and make them last decades, not only a few years. We’re penning down some amazing bathroom renovation suggestions for you here. Following the subsequent tactics can help homeowners make bathrooms more comfortable.

Bathroom renovation made easy

Remodeling a bathroom can be one of the most satisfying domestic improvement endeavors folks can undertake. Stepping inside a well-furnished bathroom invokes a feeling of happiness, fanciness, and pleasure in people. Since bathrooms are smaller than kitchens, they’re easier to renovate. Moreover, it’s cost-effective to refurbish your bathroom because of how small they are. Why not establish a bathroom that makes you relax whenever you enter it? We’ve discussed some crucial tactics for homeowners who want to repair their toilets in 2022. Our expert-recommended clever ideas make your bathrooms better-looking and more functional. Let’s discuss the tips you need to make your bathroom function better:

1. Rent portable restrooms

We suggest you refrain from repairing the bathroom before renting some alternate restrooms. Homeowners can easily obtain moveable restrooms to make bathroom remodeling less troublesome for the family. Google ‘Oregon porta-potty rental‘ to find some decent and portable toilets in the state. Or look up options In the city/state you live in. Ensure these facilities meet the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. That’s how you can repair the bathroom without using someone else’s bathroom all the time.

2. Add more storage

Repairing the bathroom seems like the ideal event to include more storage. If your square footage is lacking, we suggest expanding the storage facility inside the bathroom to make remodeling worth its expense. For example, you can add shelves built over the toilet to keep your toiletries. A homeowner shouldn’t neglect using every single unused area to create storage spaces. Consider the vertical area in the bathroom for adding some closets where you can keep your candles and towels.

3. Create more space

Ensure the bathroom has enough space while you design the layout with the architect. So, understand local housing codes before refurbishing the bathroom in case you create less space than required by state-imposed regulations. For instance, most codes require leaving a minimum distance of 15 inches from the center of the toilet to the nearest wall (or another obstruction). You must also leave 24 inches of clearance in front of the toilet. Follow these codes to avoid trouble in the future.

4. Place big tiles

Putting bigger shower tilings can make even small-sized bathrooms look more elegant. They create roominess, giving your bathroom a touch of expansion. Experts state that placing a bunch of large tiles leads to fewer grout joints because of which onlookers feel as if they’re in a spacious bathroom. Keep grout lines as narrow as 1/16 to make your tiling work more fashionable. A homeowner must ensure to stay away from using distinct grout colors and keep them matching.

5. Address bathroom ventilation

Homeowners are required to include effective ventilation mechanisms in their bathrooms. Install windows or exhaust fans to make your bathroom stays ventilated properly. Ensure an exhaust fan has enough capacity and doesn’t produce much noise. Since bathrooms are small-sized, even less noisy fans can become unbearable for occupants. That’s why you can now consider some whisper-silent models available online.

6. Bathroom lighting matters

Don’t underestimate how bad lighting affects your bathroom looks and feels! Homeowners mustn’t forget that occupants may prefer faint/strong lighting based on their mood. That’s why they should install a dimmer switch to allow occupants to regulate bathroom lighting. For some late-night baths, you can turn the dimmer down and create a relaxing environment. But when an occupant wants to inspect their face/hair, they can turn the dimmer up to obtain enough lighting.

7. Upgrade functional features

Also, repairing the bathroom shouldn’t just be about making it more decorative or comfortable. You must upgrade its functional features as well! Ascertain the toilet’s height makes sitting and standing easier for people. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when removing the old toilet and installing the new one. You must check the flange that connects your toilet to drain pipes beneath the flooring. It seems smarter to check whether you need to install a replacement flange or not while repairing.

8. Install large mirrors

Homeowners can enhance bathroom lighting by adding more large-sized mirrors. These mirrors can make your bathroom appear more spacious, expansive, and illuminated. Open areas may improve your mental health, making you feel comfier while using the restroom. So, include larger above-the-sink mirrors to make even small-sized bathrooms look bigger. Check out some vanity mirrors online and choose wider, taller, and cleaner options among available choices.

9. Unify your hardware

This tactic has become popular among certain homeowners when bringing bathroom hardware and unifying everything under the banner of a single metal finish. It makes your bathroom look spacious, elegant, and streamlined. This trouble-free switch-up can cure any mismatched finishes and create a better-looking open area inside the bathroom. Moreover, you may also convert your bathroom into a pampering sanctuary by adding some luxury pieces. It makes bathroom repairs worth their cost.

10. Add freestanding pieces

These design elements can change your bathroom’s aesthetics. We recommend adding these decoration pieces if there’s enough space inside the restroom. It doesn’t mean that you should place purposeless freestanding pieces. We suggest you invest in some useful design elements, e.g., clothes hampers. Make these decorative additions not just beautifying but also practical to hone the storage facility in your bathroom.


Homeowners often remodel their bathroom every 4-5 years to repair all broken fixtures and remove the discolorization. First, rent some portable toilets while your bathroom undergoes restoration. Secondly, a homeowner must address bathroom storage, lighting, and ventilation. Don’t forget to make more space. Also, adding some large-sized mirrors automatically makes bathrooms look bright and spacious. So, your bathroom restoration endeavors will be successful when you properly unify all hardware. Include some freestanding pieces to enhance your bathroom’s aesthetics and upgrade its functional features. A bathroom isn’t finished getting restored without homeowners putting some big tiles on floors there.

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