Lighting is the key to make your house brighter. A bright room brings your house to look wider. There are many lamps to use, but it will be outstanding if you make the lamp by yourself. The design will as like as your desire. This is to make your house more beautiful.

  1. Vintage Pendant Light


Try a different design for your family room by using vintage pendant light. Nice look for all of you who like a romantic feel for your room. Just try it at your bedroom and enjoy your night.

  1. Recycled Bottles as Chandeliers and Lamps

If you have many bottles that are not used any longer, you can make it as chandelier or lamp. One bottle can be one single lamp. Whenever you have more bottles it can be as chandeliers.

  1. Teacup Hanging Lights


Have you ever noted that a teacup may be anything else? Here is teacup hanging lights to beautify your room. These hanging lamps may be fit for your dining room.

  1. Bike Sprocket Light Pendants


Have you ever think that a bike sprocket will become this beautiful lamp? Anyone can make it if they have bike sprocket at their warehouse. Don’t ever throw your bike sprocket because it will be useful someday.

  1. Colander Lamp


A unique lamp made from colander. This can be put on your table to make your room brighter with. The colander is used as the lamp shade.

  1. Whiskey Bottle Lamp


A recycled whiskey can be transplanted into a unique lamp to light your room. The color of this bottle doesn’t require us to paint it any longer. It can be good for you.

  1. Cage Lights


This lamp will make you get industrial look. Here, a cage can be made as one single lamp to make your terrace brighter. This lamp is a hanging lamp for brightening your balcony as well.

  1. Light Wheel


A broken bike wheel can be transformed into a new pattern. See this light wheel that will give different view at your room. Create your unique and simple lamp for your room.

  1. Coffee Can Lamp


These hanging lamps will brighter your bedroom every night. If you want to use these lamps for dining room or others it will be good idea. Though, these lights are simple but look elegant to be placed anywhere.

  1. Basket Lights


It’s a good idea to use basket lights for your restaurant. This is not only will brighter your club but give you a unique view. Hang them at the dwelling and let your restaurant brighter using these lamps.


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