When you love making crafts, then for sure you have a couple of tools around that prove to be handy for your creations. You may want to add more to your tools to foster your love for the arts and crafts, but with so many available ones in the market, it can be quite overwhelming to find the specific gear that you need. This article lists down some of the most useful tools that you can consider as a DIY crafter.

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Cutting Tool

There are different types of cutting tools that suit a variety of purposes. While you may already have a pair of scissors handy, cutting machines will make the work even more effortless for you. In this case, you can explore various types of vinyl cutting machines that can help you cut not only vinyl, but different other types of materials as well such as papers, stickers, or even card stocks. You can also think about getting a portable die-cutting machine that is very much efficient in adding some texture to your projects through the addition of small dies.

Punch Board

Another useful tool that every DIY crafter should have is a punch board that is not only perfect for planners but handy in making cards and scrapbooks too. In this case, you can think about getting a tab punch board that will allow you to add tabs to your scrapbook or cardstock. You can also go for a planner punch board that will enable you to add any design to your planner, regardless of its main style.

You can also consider getting a punch board with more than a couple of options that will help you create envelopes or fantastic paper bows and boxes using only a single machine. Otherwise, you can think about getting a confetti punch that can help you make confetti circles perfect for your shakers and pocket pages, as well as other gift-giving projects or crafts. Rest assured that most punch boards come with a full set of instructions that will guide you on how they should be properly used.


A DIY crafter should never be without a ruler because precise measurements are often necessary for crafting. While you can get a basic ruler to suit this purpose, you also have the option to go for a supreme one that can make spacing and line assessment more effortless. The latter provides you with a good view of what you are measuring, regardless of whether you are calculating in inches or centimeters. Some other features of a more advanced ruler include a non-slip bottom, as well as a safe finger guard and adjustable alignment guides.

The tools listed above are only some of the ones that you can consider getting if you love making arts and crafts. There are various other tools that you may find useful too such as a washi tape runner or a heat-resistant mat and holder. The key is in figuring out your needs and preferences for you to get the right gear that will foster your love for making different kinds of crafts.

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